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We often receive requests from visitors to our website asking if we accept guest posts on our blog, what are the requirements, how much does it cost, etc. So we have compiled the details here in one place.
If you would like to submit a guest post for publishing on, please read through these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below first. Then, when you have a good understanding of everything below, please email with your pitch. Our digital marketing manager will respond to your request within a couple days.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Might My Post Be Published?
We will post guest content every other week at most. In general, we typically have a two-month to three-month wait for publishing. We get many requests so the sooner you send your content, the earlier we can get you on the schedule. The schedule is always first-come, first-served and is based on when content is received, not when the original contact is made.

2. What are the Content Requirements?
Our requirements for guest posting are that the content must be your own original work and must not be published now or in the future on any other website. We will remove it if we find it somewhere else after publishing, including your own website.
We do not require a minimum or maximum word count length. 
We do require that the author includes a short bio and photo of him/herself to include with the post. 
If you include photos with your content, they must be your own photos which you grant us permission to use on our website and social media pages, or they must be royalty-free images licensed under creative commons. Please specify which they are any time you include images to speed up the process of publishing.

3. Will You Include a Do-Follow Link Back to My Website?
We are happy to post links back to the contributor’s website, but we will not link back to any competitor sites. This is non-negotiable.
4. How Much Does It Cost?
At this time, we do not charge for guest posting. We strictly publish free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.
5. How Can I Have My Content Published Sooner?
When we receive your content, we will always tell you what your exact publishing date will be. Again, all guest content is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and only every other week. We will not publish your content any sooner than the first open date on our publishing schedule. We will not accept payment to be moved up the line.
We will not change this policy no matter how many different ways you ask us to. The only way we will publish your content sooner is if someone ahead of you drops off the schedule (this does not happen often).
6. Do You Have Any Blackout Time?
We sometimes avoid posting guest content during the month of December (not always), but other than that we do not have any blackout time on our guest posting schedule.
7. What Should I Include in My Pitch?
When you email your pitch to us, we primarily want to know what topics you are considering for writing for our website. Please include at least two topics for us to choose from. Please also include the website you will need us to link back to so that we can verify before you write your content that we will be able to link to your site.
When we receive your pitch, we always consider potential timing of the content going live, as well as what we already have on our schedule, before we choose the topic we think will be most valuable to our audience.
Topics that are valuable to our audience typically revolve around home decor, interior design, home staging, DIY decor projects, etc. If your topic ideas do not fall under these categories, we will likely ask you to alter your focus or submit completely new topic ideas before we proceed.
Please do not send any pre-written content without us selecting a topic first. There is a very good chance we will turn you away if you don't follow the instructions above.
8. What If I Submitted a Post But Need to Cancel?
If you have been added to our schedule but something has come up where you need to cancel us publishing your content, please email and you will be removed from the schedule. If your content has already been published, we will want a good reason to remove the content, as we do not want broken links on our website.
9. Does It Have To Be Labeled As A Guest Post?
Yes. We want it to be clear for our readers any time we publish a post that we did not write ourselves. We are not willing to post someone else's content as our own. That's why every guest post will have that phrase in the blog title, and will also always have an author bio and photo included with the post. This is non-negotiable.
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