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    Lush Decor offers an amazing array of 95-inch window curtains. We strive to build a robust collection of draperies and window treatments that meet even the most specific stylistic tastes. Our selection of 95-inch window curtains (which also typically work well for those seeking 96-inch window curtains) is curated with the full spectrum of taste, preferences and decor styles in mind. We feature a diverse variety of colors, patterns, styles, opaqueness and more.

    Affordable and Fashionable 95-Inch Window Curtains

    Our wide variety of affordable and fashionable 95-inch window curtains will set you on the right path to completing your dream home.

    Floral Curtains

    Floral curtains are a wonderful addition to any room. Whether you’re redecorating your living room, home office, dining room, kitchen, or any area in between, floral curtains are a simple, yet eye-catching feature for any room. At Lush Decor, we don’t limit ourselves to one style of floral curtains. They may be printed or embroidered, room darkening or sheer. 

    Whether you like subtle and muted colors or vibrant floral patterns, Lush Decor is certain to have the 95-inch window curtains to take your room vision to the next level.

    Sheer Grommet Curtains

    Sheer grommet curtains are an effortless and painless way to add finishing touches to your space, offering subtle privacy while still allowing light to filter into the space with ease.

    Lush Decor offers an amazing array of sheer grommet curtains in a variety of colors, panel widths, patterns, and designs. Sheer grommet curtains are ideal for windows that may require frequent curtain adjustments — such as drawn at certain times of day and closed at others. Metal grommets protect curtain openings from wear and tear. Our metal grommets are typically about 1.6 inches in diameter in either brushed nickel, bronze or gun metal colors.

    Blackout Curtains

    Blackout curtains are an excellent, multi-functional addition to any room, but they’re especially popular for guest rooms, basements, and bedrooms. Blackout curtains offer all the many stylistic benefits of traditional curtain types, while also offering the added benefit of blocking light from entering the room at inopportune times. Both room darkening and blackout curtains are ideal for adding much-needed coziness to your home.

    What is the difference between blackout curtains, room darkening curtains, and light filtering curtains?

    Blackout curtains are the gold standard of light blocking curtains. True blackout curtains are designed to block at least 95% of natural sunlight, and as such, they have commonly been more about function than about style. That’s where Lush Decor comes in. Blackout curtains may be double lined, triple fused, or made in any number of ways. For the best light blocking protection, it’s important to measure your windows accurately to prevent any gaps where light could get through. 

    Room darkening curtains limit the amount of light that can filter into your space, but they do not completely block it. Room darkening curtains will typically filter about 70% to 80% of natural sunlight, and limit the light coming in the room to a glow around the window, rather than allowing it to flood into the space. 

    Light filtering, sheer, and semi-sheer curtains will let ample amounts of natural sunlight into the room. Most standard curtains and sheer panels offer some amount of light filtering as well as privacy, but not the level of room darkening or blackout curtains.

    Interested in hearing more about how Lush Decor can help complete your latest redecorating project? Reach out today! We offer dozens of styles in 95-inch length curtains.

    110 products
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