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    Whether you are looking for window curtains to complete your dark and modern master bedroom or you’re rounding out your Pinterest-inspired baby nursery, Lush Decor can offer it all. At Lush Decor, we are committed to being your one-stop-shop for eye-catching 120-inch curtains at an affordable price point.


    Affordable and High-Quality 120-Inch Window Curtains

    Floor-to-ceiling curtains are an amazing vehicle for updating your decor without redecorating the entire room. Long 120-inch curtains are especially popular for bedrooms and living rooms, but they have endless applications for all types of rooms. 120-inch curtain panels are excellent at providing shade and privacy while also adding finishing touches to your design vision. The long fabric draws your eye and visually makes the room look larger.


    Floral curtains

    Floral curtains are perennially popular, and that’s a credit to the versatility of floral curtains. If you're considering 120-inch curtains, consider browsing the floral panels, even if it’s a bit outside of your comfort zone. Floral curtains come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and range of subtle to vibrant fabrics.


    Room darkening curtains and blackout curtains

    Because 120-inch curtains are so popular in bedrooms, dens, living rooms, and other areas of relaxation, it’s common for curtains of this length to also double as room darkening curtains. 

    The length of 120-inch curtains offers a luxurious brand of comfort to the rooms they are used in. The addition of supple and rich textures creates an increased feeling of coziness and security. If you’re the type of person to enjoy an afternoon nap, 120-inch blackout or room darkening curtains can help you rest without the interruption of unwanted light. 

    Blackout curtains offer superior light-blocking, and they allow very little light into the room, whereas room darkening curtains can block some light without leaving you in total darkness.

    120-inch Ruffled Curtains

    Ruffled curtains create a softer, more elegant finishing touch to your space, offering plenty of privacy while still allowing light to filter into the space with ease.

    Lush Decor offers an amazing array of ruffled window curtains in a variety of colors, panel widths, and textures. Our ruffled window panels in 120-inch length offer a dreamy look for your cottage, farmhouse, shabby chic, or French Country design theme.

    Do you want to know more about our affordable collection of 120-inch curtain panels? Start browsing today!

    12 products
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