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Tryna Diamond Quilt 3 Piece Set

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Special Sale Item! Final Sale!
Special Sale Item! Final Sale!

Reversible Soft Cotton Quilt Sets

Lush Décor is proud to offer high quality, reversible soft cotton quilt sets for all ages and genders in all interior design styles. Whether you are looking to buy stripe quilt sets, bohemian style quilts, country chic quilts, shabby chic quilts, modern quilts, or fancy and frilly quilts, you are guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for here at LushDecor.com.

All of our soft cotton quilt sets come with matching shams and some also come with one or more decorative pillows. Lush Decor quilts feature original designs made in-house and are held to high quality standards.

Most of our quilt sets are reversible to allow you to change the look of your bedroom instantly simply by turning it over. For the most part, one side of the quilt will have a bolder design while the reverse has a repeating pattern of small medallions or thin stripes, etc. in matching colors to offer a more toned down look.

How often have you seen ruffles on a quilt rather than a comforter? We have done this with our Kemmy Quilt, Serena Quilt, Belle Quilt, Fiorella Quilt and our Flutter Butterfly Quilt.

If you are into the boho style, you can buy bohemian bedding online at lushdecor.com such as our Boho Stripe Quilt, Bohemian Stripe Quilt, Boho Chic Quilt, Navajo Quilt and Adrianne Quilt.

If you are into a more modern style, take a look at our Tryna Diamond Quilt, Jigsaw Chevron Quilt, Edward Trellis Quilt and Abner Geo Quilt.

For a more rustic, country or farmhouse design, we have a ton of design choices to consider, including Aster, Grace Patchwork, Paisley Patchwork, Briley, Aprile, Bird on the Tree, Layla, Sydney, Nesco, Scroll Flower, Addington and more.

If you prefer a minimalist design style, you will especially love our Thin Stripe Quilt. This quilt set is one solid color but has an interesting look with the thin stripes adding texture to the set.

We also have a large selection of soft cotton quilt sets with stripe patterns to choose from. In addition to some of the ones mentioned above, you can buy stripe quilt sets for teenagers or adults. For this style, check out our Stripe 2 Piece and Stripe 3 Piece Quilt Sets, Geometric Stripe Quilt Set, Royal Empire Quilt Set, Shelly Stripe Quilt Set, and more.

Our youth bedding options for young, elementary school age children include the Pixie Fox Quilt, Alligator Quilt, Race Cars Quilt, Flutter Butterfly Quilt, Sausage Dog Quilt, Flying Balloon Quilt, Elephant Stripe Quilt, Cupcake Ice Cream Quilt, Star Quilt, Sea Life Quilt, and Whale Quilt.

Nearly all of our quilt styles also have matching or coordinated window treatments, throws, furniture protectors and /collections/shower-curtains. This will allow you to create a consistent look throughout your master bedroom or guest bedroom and the attached bathroom.

Lush Décor reversible soft cotton quilt sets are lightweight, which makes them the perfect bedding choice for late spring through the summer and into the early part of autumn. They feel absolutely fantastic and will keep you comfortable all through the night. You will be snuggled in so cozily that you won’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Once you finally get to feel them, you will understand.