Stylish Window Valances

Are you looking for a way to upgrade the aesthetic of the windows in your bathroom, bedroom, common area, or kitchen? Whether it’s to compliment all of the chic home curtains through the house or block the blinding beams of the sun, Lush Decor has a wide selection of window valances that will surely spruce up any space.

Style Selection

No matter your design preference, Lush Decor has window valances of every size, color, and style, to meet the needs and complete the remodeling process of every home decorator. Offered in a wide variety of fabrics, our window valances serve different purposes for each of our curtain customers. Whether you’re looking for a single valance or require an entire set for the bedrooms throughout the home, Lush Decor has the home decorations you need at incredibly affordable prices.

As the final piece to complete your curtain set, our window valances are an excellent way to bring light and life into any space of the home. The variety of fabrics and their constructions create various textures, with particular valances allowing more light to pass through than others. Regardless of the home design you desire, Lush Decor has all of the products to transform your living space into something exceptional.

Darkening Window Valances

As opposed to the light, transparent styles of the many window valances offered by Lush Decor, we’ve also got an extensive collection of valances that are designed to block out light from the outside world. Whether the sun sets directly in your kitchen windows during dinner time or you need to get sleep during the day from working nights, our darkening window valances will help you create the ultimate bedroom black hole. Our darkening valances are ideal for the anti-morning person of the family and make excellent housewarming gifts.

Easy To Install

Hanging up your brand new window valances couldn’t be easier. Each valance has a tastefully sewed-in rod pocket that it is wide enough for nearly any curtain rod to slip seamlessly through without adding bulk to the material or appearance of the valance itself. In addition to being easy to hang, they’re also very simple to take down for cleaning. Most of the window valances from Lush Decor are machine washable, with the more delicate and ruffled fabrics being dry-clean only.

The Lush Decor Guarantee

All of our products are constructed using the highest-quality fabrics and materials, all of which are thoroughly inspected to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every purchase. The vast majority of our products belong to collections that make furnishing your home from top to bottom easier than ever before. We want our customers to not only have the most gorgeous home decorations available on the market, but to find them at an affordable price.

Take your window curtain game to the next level with the help of Lush Decor and all of our thoughtfully-designed window valances. Visit us online to shop through our extensive selection and complete your home today!