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Elegant Window Curtains

One of the easiest ways to change the look of any room in your home is to add or change your window panels. Whether you prefer sheer curtains, room darkening window curtains or blackout curtains, Lush Décor has the style and look you are seeking for your bedroom, living room, family room, dining room and -- coming soon -- your patio or sunroom.

Adding new window treatments to the room is a great way to add color, add a pattern, add texture or simply add new life to a stale design. Your window panels will be among the first thing you and your visitors notice when walking into the room. Plus if you are on a budget, changing out your existing curtains or adding new curtains to bare windows will make the biggest impact at minimal expense.

When shopping for elegant window curtains on LushDecor.com, pay attention to the descriptions. Many of our curtains are sold by individual panels, while many other styles are sold by the pair. Each product clearly indicates how it is sold in the bullet points section of the product description.

Be sure to also check the sizes of the window panels. We offer curtains in lengths of 84 inches, 95 inches and 120 inches. The length is very important because if you buy them too long, you will have to hem them, and if you buy them too short, they won’t look good. In addition to the length, take note of the width of each panel. You will find our curtains are all different sizes, so make sure to measure what you need before making your final decision.

From shabby chic styles to modern styles, and from country farmhouse style to panels that are fancy, frilly and embellished, we have more than 50 different designs of elegant window curtains to choose from to complete the look of your space.

Our most elegant window curtains are probably our embellished styles. If you have a love for frilly, fancy or ruffled home décor, you will love our Avon, Avery, Gigi, Nerina, Skye, Belle, Lillian, Olivia, Ruffle, Serena, Riley, Circle Dream, Reyna and Gala styles.

Lush Decor also offers beautiful and classic design styles in color blocks and solid color options. Some of these styles include the Room Darkening Block, Lucia, Jamel, Hester, Iman, Mia, Millione, Prima, Swirl, Felicity, Venetian, Darcie, Velvet, Alexander and Kyoto designs.

If you prefer a beautiful floral print or other colorful pattern, you should check out our Leah, Multi Circles, Evelyn Medallion, Stripe Medallion, Weeping Flower, Cynthia Jacobean, Clara, Aster, Sophie, Floral Paisley, Estate Garden and Forest styles.

Even your kids can enjoy elegant window curtains in their bedrooms with styles like our Elephant Parade, Flutter Butterfly, Sausage Dog, Flying Balloons, Cupcake Ice Cream and Polka Dot designs.

One of the best things about our elegant window curtains is that many of the styles we offer are part of larger collections, so you will be able to find matching bedding, throws, shower curtains and more.