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Room Darkening Window Curtains

If you are struggling with excessive glare on your television set or computer screen, or if someone in your home needs to be able to sleep during the day, then you should be looking for room darkening window curtains.

If you work third shift, you may have a hard time getting much needed rest because the light keeps you awake. If you have a baby or a young child in your home who needs to nap during the day, they may have the same trouble. This is where room darkening window curtains and blackout curtains come in.

Blackout curtains are different from room darkening window curtains in that blackout curtains completely block the sunlight and are more energy efficient because they block more of the draft and more of the heat from entering the room. Room darkening window curtains filter the sunlight to a lesser extent than blackout curtains. They are generally made with lighter fabrics and, while still energy efficient, will block less of the draft and heat.

Not only will room darkening window curtains filter out some of the light and heat coming into your home, they will also make your living room, bedroom, dining room or any other room in your home look fantastic. Whether you prefer a decorative print or a solid color, Lush Décor window treatments make a statement in any room.

Redecorating your living room? Start with window treatments. Upgrading your bedroom? Don’t forget the curtains! Just remember: any room with a window needs window treatments.

Adding new window treatments to the room is a great way to enhance your design by adding color, adding a pattern, adding texture or simply bringing new life to a tired design. Your window panels will likely be the first thing you and your visitors notice when entering the room. And if you are on a budget, changing out your existing curtains or adding new curtains to bare windows are sure to make an incredible impact at minimal expense.

When shopping for room darkening window curtains on LushDecor.com, pay attention to the descriptions. Many of our curtains are sold by individual panels, while many other styles are sold by the pair. Each product clearly indicates how it is sold in the bullet points section of the product description.

Be sure to also check the sizes of the window panels. We offer curtains in lengths of 84 inches, 95 inches and 120 inches. The length is very important because if you buy them too long, you will have to hem them, and if you buy them too short, they won’t look good. In addition to the length, take note of the width of each panel. You will find our curtains are all different sizes, so make sure to measure all of your windows before making your final decision.

One of the best things about our room darkening window curtains is that many of the designs we offer are part of larger collections, so you will be able to find matching bedding, throws, shower curtains and more.