Furniture Protectors and Covers

Your furniture probably was not inexpensive. Even at a discount store, you will spend a pretty penny on your arm chairs, love seats and sofas. That’s why you need to keep them looking good with furniture protectors and covers.

Furniture protectors and covers by Lush Décor are ideal for safeguarding all of your seating, including recliners, from wear and tear that comes from spills, young children, teenagers, pets and everyday use. These are not slip covers, which can be cumbersome and difficult to use. These are easily installed and include ties that are easily hidden but keep the furniture protector in place for optimal protection.

Our furniture protectors and covers protect your furniture from stains, dirt, and mud and are lined to act as a water resistant barrier preventing food, drinks and pet urine from penetrating through to the cushion. If your furniture protector becomes sullied, it is machine washable, making cleanup quick and easy.

If you are redecorating your living room or family room on a budget, furniture protectors and covers are not only functional, they also add to your interior design. We have dozens of designs for you to choose from. Buy them to add colorful, bohemian flair or go with the more subtle, neutral colors for a country farmhouse look. Whatever style speaks to you, we have a great option.

You don’t have to spend a lot on furniture when you use our furniture protectors. You can save on high furniture costs by buying used on Craigslist or at a second-hand store and then placing the furniture protector over top of it. Plus, most of our furniture protectors and covers are on sale, which will help you even more with your budget and allow you to save more for bigger expenses like painting, wall décor, accents, rugs, etc. This is ideal for families just starting out in a new home, especial a fixer upper, and anyone who is only planning to stay a short time in the home.

If you are a college student or the parent of one who is moving into a dorm or a small apartment, you already have plenty of other expenses to worry about. Again, don’t focus so much of your budget on new furniture. Buy your chairs and sofas from a thrift store, and dress them up with a furniture protector.

In addition to furniture protectors and covers, buy soft Sherpa throws to add additional functional décor. And don’t forget to also purchase throw pillows for your couch to complete the look. All of these items are inexpensive but add a lot of value because they make the design come together and also make napping on the couch more comfortable.

Many of our furniture protectors are part of a collection, which allows you to easily match or at least coordinate your window treatments, throws and/or bedding to maintain one look throughout your space.  From florals to patchwork, and modern geometric prints to those with no patterns, you are sure to find exactly the look you need to complete your living room.