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    Your bedroom should be your escape. Creating a coastal style bedroom will whisk you away to your favorite vacation spot so you can relax and recharge. Rest easy with coastal style quilts, comforters and bedspreads from Lush Décor in soft textures and iconic prints so stylish and cozy you’ll never want to leave your bed. Whether you’re shopping for you or the kids, you’ll find something dreamy for the whole family. Browse our entire collection of Toddler size, Twin size, Full size, Queen size, King size, and California King size coastal bedding.

    79 products

    Imagine waking up feeling the gentle sea breeze, even if you're miles away from the nearest coast. With coastal bedding from Lush Décor, it's not just a dream — it's your new reality! Our coastal bedding collection encapsulates the serene and refreshing vibes of the seaside, perfectly tailored for those who desire a peaceful escape in their own bedrooms. 

    Crafted with love in the U.S. and made with materials that meet the highest standards of quality and environmental care, our bedding brings the spirit of the ocean right to your doorstep. Whether you own your abode or you're jazzing up a rental, setting up a coastal-themed bedroom with our luxury-for-less styles is both fun and inspiring. The soft textures, soothing palettes, and delightful designs of our collections provide the perfect blend of luxury and comfort, making every night feel like a gentle wave lulling you to sleep. 

    Adding coastal-inspired decor to your bedroom is a great way to turn your space into a serene oasis. Each time you walk into the room, you’ll be reminded of gentle breezes, rolling waves, and vacations with your family and friends. If your bedroom already has coastal vibes, the right bedding can further elevate your style.

    Your coastal additions don’t need to be limited to a comforter either. Opting for coastal-inspired sheets and throw pillows as well can tie the whole look together. Consider choosing coordinating sheets that allow you to fold back the comforter to reveal a glimpse of your sheets and create a layered look. Throw pillows can also help tie the look together, or help balance out a heavily patterned comforter. If you choose a comforter with a bold coastal pattern, consider choosing solid-colored throw pillows with a unique texture. But if your comforter is more subtly coastal, bold throw pillows can be a great way to add more color to your room.

    Transforming your bedroom into a serene coastal retreat is about capturing both the essence and comfort of the seaside. Coastal bedding by Lush Décor makes this effortlessly possible with designs that speak to both your sense of style and your need for relaxation.

    Imagine lying back on sumptuously soft sheets that whisper tales of the ocean with hues that range from the softest sand to the deepest blue. Our bedding collections are thoughtfully designed to mimic the calm and invigorating environment of the coast. Whether it’s the gentle brush of a nautical stripe or the subtle intrigue of seashell patterns, each piece invites the soothing essence of the ocean into your bedroom.

    Coastal-inspired bedding isn’t just limited to bold patterns you might find in a seaside cottage. Many of our coastal bedding options are more minimalistic, with stripes, soft textures, and other designs that call to mind a relaxing day at the beach or the slower lifestyle of a seaside town.

    But coastal bedding isn't just about aesthetics; it's also crafted to ensure you enjoy luxurious comfort every night. Utilizing high-quality materials, our bedding sets pamper your skin and ensure a safe, clean sleeping environment. The breathable, soft fabrics maintain an ideal temperature, making sure that whether it’s a breezy summer night or a stormy winter evening, your comfort is never compromised.

    Incorporating Lush Décor’s coastal bedding into your home is not just a choice in decor but an embrace of a lifestyle where style meets relaxation. Every thread and every stitch speaks of quality and durability, ensuring that the peacefulness of your coastal-inspired bedroom remains a constant backdrop in your everyday life.

    When crafting that perfect seaside retreat right in your own bedroom, the materials used in your coastal bedding play a pivotal role in setting the mood and ensuring comfort. You don’t just want to choose bedding that looks good; it’s also important to opt for styles and materials that are comfortable to sit on, and that will continue to look great for years to come. Here’s a dive into the key materials that bring coastal bedding to life, ensuring every night feels like a beach vacation.


    Cotton stands out for its breathability and softness, making it an ideal choice for coastal bedding. It's especially perfect for those warm, balmy nights, as it helps regulate temperature, keeping you cool and comfortable. Cotton duvet covers, sheets, and pillowcases in light, airy weaves like percale or sateen invite relaxation and evoke a sense of laid-back luxury.


    Renowned for its rustic charm and incredible breathability, linen is another favorite for coastal bedding. Its naturally relaxed look not only complements a beach-inspired theme but also offers an exceptional cooling effect and moisture-wicking properties. Over time, linen becomes softer, enhancing the comfort of your bedding ensemble.


    Sustainable and ultra-soft, bamboo is a newer favorite in the world of coastal bedding. It’s not only eco-friendly but also highly durable and hypoallergenic. Bamboo bed sheets are known for their silky feel and thermoregulating properties, making them perfect for maintaining comfort throughout different climates.

    Recycled Cotton

    Recycled cotton is a fantastic eco-friendly option for bedding as it reduces the need for new cotton production, which is a water-intensive and chemical-heavy process. By using recycled cotton in our coastal bedding designs, we are able to give new life to materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.


    When it comes to coastal bedding, microfiber is a fantastic choice for both comfort and style. The ultra-fine fibers in microfiber are incredibly soft to the touch, creating a luxurious sleeping experience that rivals high-end fabrics. Not only does microfiber feel great against your skin, but it also has practical benefits that make it ideal for bedding.

    When dreaming of coastal bedding, envision the serene palettes inspired by sandy shores and azure waters. Typical color schemes gravitate towards soothing shades of blue, from the deep navy reminiscent of the ocean at dusk to soft sky blues that echo a clear day. These blues often blend harmoniously with crisp whites and sandy beiges, creating a fresh and airy feel that is quintessentially coastal. Accents of soft coral or sunny yellow can add a burst of sunshine to the room, reminiscent of a beautiful beach sunrise.

    The patterns seen in coastal bedding are just as vital as the colors. Stripes are a hallmark, suggesting a nautical theme that is both timeless and stylish. You might also find enchanting patterns of seashells, coral, and sea life, often rendered in a subtle, delicate style that invites calm and relaxation. For a more abstract approach, wave patterns and fluid, organic lines mimic the movement of water and help to bring a sense of sea-inspired dynamism to the bedroom décor.

    Incorporating these color schemes and patterns into your home not only brings the beauty of the coast indoors but also creates a tranquil space that is perfect for unwinding after a long day. With Lush Décor’s luxury-for-less styles, embracing coastal bedding doesn't just mean adopting a theme; it's about weaving a touch of vacation-like bliss into the fabric of your everyday life.

    Imagine transforming your bedroom into a serene, coastal retreat where every day feels like a vacation by the sea. Coastal bedding plays a pivotal role in achieving this ambiance, using light, airy colors and nature-inspired textures to bring the tranquility of the coast right into your home.

    Firstly, the color palette of coastal bedding often features soft blues, crisp whites, and gentle grays, which reflect the colors of the ocean, sky, and sandy shores. These hues are renowned for their calming effects, making them perfect for creating a relaxing bedroom environment where you can unwind after a long day.

    Moreover, coastal bedding typically incorporates materials that evoke a sense of natural beauty and ease, such as lightweight cotton, breezy linen, and sometimes even real seashell embellishments. Whether it’s the soft feel of the fabrics or the visual appeal of the designs, these materials help simulate a beachfront vibe, ensuring your sleeping space is both inviting and comfortable.

    What sets coastal bedding apart is its versatility in design styles. From minimalist, modern designs that focus on understated sophistication to more traditional, nautical themes that feature stripes and naval motifs, there is always a set that resonates with your personal style and complements other decor elements in your bedroom.

    Incorporating coastal bedding into your bedroom is not just about aesthetic appeal—it's about creating a personal sanctuary that feels as refreshing and invigorating as a seaside getaway. With Lush Décor’s range of coastal bedding, you immerse yourself in a world of soft textures, soothing colors, and quality materials, all designed to ensure you receive the rejuvenating sleep you deserve.

    When deciding on the perfect bedding to compliment your home, it's essential to weigh the characteristics of different styles. Coastal bedding, with its breezy, ocean-inspired vibe, offers a distinct set of advantages and drawbacks compared to other popular decor themes.

    Pros Of Coastal Bedding

    Effortlessly Refreshing: Coastal bedding typically features light, airy colors and themes such as blue, aqua, and sandy beige, often accented with motifs like shells, coral, or nautical stripes. This can create a calming, serene atmosphere that's reminiscent of a beach vacation.

    Versatile: Despite its beachy roots, coastal bedding can beautifully integrate into a variety of environments beyond just seaside homes. It pairs well with minimalist, contemporary, or rustic decor, providing a soft contrast to more urban or stark design elements.

    Light and Bright: The typically light color palette of coastal bedding can help to make small rooms appear larger and more open. It's excellent for spaces that aim to maintain a summery feel throughout the year.

    Cons Of Coastal Bedding

    Theme Specificity: For some, the distinct maritime theme of coastal bedding can feel limiting, especially if one's interior design preferences shift regularly. It might not seamlessly blend with seasonal decor changes that lean towards warmer, richer colors and textures.

    Casual Nature: While the breezy casualness of coastal bedding is a benefit to many, it might not align with the ambiance of a more formally decorated room or a space that requires a bit of dramatic flair.

    Color Limitations: The soothing palette that defines coastal bedding usually revolves around blues and neutrals. Those who crave a broader spectrum of vivid colors might find coastal styles somewhat restrictive.

    By comparing these aspects with other styles like modern, classic, or bohemian, which might offer richer color schemes, heavier textiles, or more eclectic patterns, it's clear that coastal bedding excels in creating a relaxed, airy environment. Whether this style meets one's personal and decorative needs can depend largely on individual tastes and the specific atmosphere one aims to create in their living spaces.

    Another thing to consider with coastal bedding is that it can be a great choice for those who like to decorate their bedroom seasonally. A coastal-inspired bedspread and pillows can turn your room into an oasis in the summer months without needing to paint or change other decor. Then, when cooler weather arrives, you can change your decor up for a more fall or winter-inspired style.

    Embracing coastal bedding is about more than just a style choice—it's about creating a serene sanctuary in your own home. With Lush Décor's luxury-for-less collections, you can transform your bedroom into a breezy, beach-inspired retreat that not only looks stunning but feels wonderfully inviting. Our commitment to quality and safety ensures that every piece of bedding not only meets your aesthetic expectations but also your health standards.