Dorm Decor: Back To Campus Bedding, Pillows and More

If you or your son or daughter has graduated from high school and is heading back to school and living in a dorm or campus apartment, there are a few things you should consider before decorating your dorm.

First, you absolutely should set a budget and do your best to stick to it. With all the other expenses of going to college, you need to save wherever you can, and decorating your dorm doesn't have to cost a lot.

Second, you should make a list of all the things you need (see our Dorm Room Checklist) in your dorm immediately, and all the things you can get later or buy as needed. For example, you will need bedding immediately, but you can probably wait until later for smaller items like framed movie posters to hang on your wall.

Third, you should decide on a theme for your dorm decor. Do you want to go glam? Perhaps you prefer farmhouse chic or a minimalist look. Keep in mind, chances are you will have to share your space with a roommate, so a neutral theme might be best if you want the whole room to look okay. You can also try to reach out to your roommate ahead of time if that is an option to find out what he or she is planning for the dorm room and come to an agreement before moving into the dorm. 

Once your theme is decided, you can start planning to decorate your dorm room with the textiles, storage, art, mirrors, and other necessary items.

Our Back To Campus Dorm Room Comforter Sets are available in our most popular styles, including Brookdale Patchwork, Boho Stripe, Reyna, Serena, Plush Stripe and Marlton. More will likely be available very soon.

Some of the dorm room comforters are reversible. Some are more feminine with bright pastel colors and ruffles, while others are more masculine or gender neutral with simple stripes. We wanted to make it easy to find the bedding you need for your son or daughter who is heading off to college.

When it comes to dorm room bedding, the standard size for the bed in a college dorm is Twin XL. All of our Back To Campus Dorm Room Bedding is available in size Twin XL. Some of the sets are also available in full/queen size, which will work in a dorm and offer a nice overhang.

One of the best things about our Back to Campus Dorm Room Twin XL Bedding is that all of the designs we offer are part of larger collections, so you will be able to find matching window panels, throws, shower curtains and more.

Lush Decor also offers an annual Scholarship, which we offer to two students who are attending college, whether they are in undergraduate or graduate school. It's a small way we can give back to the community.