Meet our talented group of stylists to help inspire YOUR inner designer.

When it comes to home decor, we all need a little inspiration now and then. Sometimes the plan is perfectly clear while other times you may need some creative ideas or tips and tricks from a pro. That’s why we’ve teamed up with some pretty amazing women who can help you bring your vision to life. Whether you need full-service design expertise, have a décor question, want a quick DIY tip or are just looking for a gorgeous browse on social, our Home Stylist Collective is at your service.

Hello, My name is Gofran. I’m an interior stylist and a content creator based in LA. I’m a wife and a mother of two little princesses. Home decor is my passion and I love to inspire others. I enjoy the challenge of transforming spaces that I am working with. Growing up, my environment was constantly changing which influenced my interest in changing decors. Home styling allows me to expressing my passion and personality while helping others feel good in their spaces. So I decided to create an Instagram page to be an inspiring nest for every woman who loves changing her home decor.
Hi! Michelle here from @designed.to.love! I am a stylist, creator and DIY’er. I began my home decor journey in 2019. I’m a single mom living in a small home in New England so it’s important to me that while creating a beautiful home I maximize each space by making sure it’s both beautiful and functional. My home is a mix of both new and old. I love decorating with vintage pieces whether they are passed down from family or pieces I’ve thrifted. I feel they add a special charm to the space. I also love creating cozy, inviting spaces by using different textures and neutral colors, then adding in some color as each season changes.
Alieta Casey lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and is a home decor Instagram influencer. She loves creating spaces that are warm and welcoming for friends and family. She was featured in the The Cottage Journal’s Country Cottage Christmas Magazine.
I’m Antoinette, the face behind @cozycottageandgarden. I’m originally from UK but now residing in the States with my husband of 30 years, and we have 3 children along with our Frenchie named Frankie. My passion for interior Design began while decorating our 5 homes that we have lived in due to my husband’s career. I’m self taught and had 15 years in the Interior Design industry where I've been blessed to help my clients create the rooms that they envisioned. I would describe my style as cozy cottage farmhouse with a touch of French country! My clients in the past have been coastal cottage one of which was featured in the Cape Cod magazine.
Remya is a space planning expert with over 15 years of experience & a master's degree in design. She is the owner and lead designer of Kitchen Designers NJ, a brick-and-mortar store located in Red Bank, NJ. She believes in collaborations where everyone wins. She has specialized in kitchen design for over a decade & helped many homeowners think big and achieve their dream homes. Recently she was included in one of NYC Journal's 50 under 50 entrepreneurs making a difference in their respective fields. She was also interviewed by Brainz magazine where she is also an executive contributor writing articles for them. Her personal style has evolved from traditional Indian style to Transitional glam. Her projects reflect the taste and style of our clients and they range from traditional to transitional to modern farmhouse to beachy style.
I love creating warm and inviting spaces. I use neutrals and then add pops of colors to make rooms come alive. Our home is more modern farmhouse, with hints of coastal and vintage vibes. I can help you discover your own style, and make your home your happy place. As a wife and mom of three, my passion is creating spaces that are comfortable, usable, and unique. I look forward to helping make your design dreams come true.
I have lived in the sunny City of Miami for the last 25 years. I have an AA in Interior Design and I love to decorate. Mixing and blending styles, sharing tips and recommendations, working on home renovation projects and DIYs have become my passion. I have been married for 13 years, and we have 2 amazing kids. Together we have been transforming our home, and I truly enjoy beautifying each space. A home is a representation of who we are and what we like, it should be our happy place. This is the reason I focus on making sure every space I work on makes me happy and brings a smile to my face. That truly tells me my mission has been accomplished.
Hello, my name is Angela. I am an interior designer, artist, crazy DIY-er, author and everything in between. I have a husband and two wonderful children. I really enjoy helping others create their dream space, it brings me so much joy! I attended FIT for fashion design but would always end up on the interior side of the school. Creating a space that’s an extended version of yourself is what it’s all about. I always tell my clients to design their space from the heart.
My passion for home decor started at a very young age. I loved rearranging my bedroom and changing out the bedding. Simple Cozy Charm was created in 2015 after our oldest daughter left for college. Sharing home decorating ideas and solutions has given me the opportunity to serve others and expanding my own knowledge. Creating cozy spaces in every space in our home is my favorite. Cozy can be achieved by repeating simple design concepts within each space. I encourage others to shop their own homes first; simply relocating items can refresh a space without spending any money. If new decor is needed, I always strive to find beautiful, affordable and sustainable decor.
I realized that surrounding myself with beautiful things that have meaning brought me so much joy! In fact, it shifted so much for me that it’s become my mission to help everyone have a home that they love! You would be amazed at the awesome-ness my team and I can create by using items you already own, but aren’t sure how to style. As an Interior decorator, my goal is to make sure your needs and personal style and aesthetic are oozing from the walls… because it is YOUR home.
Hello, I am Suman from @sumanmcdonald_design. I am a home interior stylist. My page is focused on providing inspiration and decorating tips. I'm married with 2 adult kids and recently became a grandma. My hubby and I bought our first home 23 years ago. Since then we've kicked walls down and renovated everything. My passion for interior styling started at a young age when I was decorating and rearranged furniture in my parents' home. I love creating cozy, simple and comfortable spaces. I like using mostly neutral colors. When decorating, it's important to reflect your personal taste through your choices; a mixture of colors, patterns and textures.
Hi there! I'm DeeDee and I currently live in my childhood hometown in Texas. I love to decorate my home using vintage treasures and thrifty finds with lots of color. I call my style eclectic, colorful farmhouse, with a hint of granny chic. I'm a firm believer in using what you have, decorating for YOU and not worrying about what everyone is else is currently doing. I've been featured in Flea Market Decor and Country Sampler Magazines and thoroughly enjoy sharing my ideas on Instagram and my blog. I hope I can help you find something fun for your home too!
Michelle Inkley is a professional organizer, stager, and DIY blogger at TheGlitzypear.com. She is a regular on Utah’s favorite lifestyle show Studio5. Check out her Instagram -- it’s full of her clients before and afters, an eclectic styled home, and all her DIY home projects. Life is too short not to love the life your living!
I'm Tanna Edler, founder of TANNA BY DESIGN®. I own a Full Service Interior Design firm, based in Yakima, Washington and Phoenix and Anthem, Arizona with projects nationwide. I specialize in residential and commercial, new construction and remodeling projects. My philosophy is ‘live easy’. My superpower is creating a space that just feels right, matching the lifestyle goals of my clients. I do this by listening and problem solving. My gift is using the results of this discovery to transform their home or office, enabling my clients to live their best life.
I'm Native to North Carolina, right in the heart of the furniture market. Growing up I watched my grandfather build furniture and my grandmother sew upholstery. My mother is also an artist. I learned so much from my family and that's why I enjoy DIY so much. I believe in being glamorous on a budget, so I like to share DIY projects that my followers can recreate and use in their own homes. My personal style is a bit modern and neutral, but I've created spaces for all kinds of decor styles. During the holidays I decorate trees for Christmas clients. I recently started doing event design, and I really enjoy making faux floral arrangements and bringing ideas to life.
Great interior design begins with a comprehensive understanding of clients’ personalities, functionalities and necessities. Melanie’s passion for interior design was ignited when she moved into her first home, documenting her journey of finding amazing quality pieces at unbelievable prices on her YouTube channel, Living Luxuriously for Less. Melanie strives to design beautiful and functional spaces that will have a positive impact on her clients’ everyday lives. With an eye for quality, a sense of style, a touch of elegance and a client-centered approach to business, Melanie has proven herself as a gifted designer.
Tamara Salvetti is a home decor influencer, DIYer and photographer who loves helping others create cozy, budget-friendly homes. A little bit farmhouse, a little bit classic and very much unique, her design philosophy firmly states that a space doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. Tamara loves sharing home designs, styling tips and gorgeous spaces alongside a healthy dose of humor and laughter. She’s been featured on The List magazine.
Hi my name is Joanne Rivera. I’m a wife and mom of two grown boys and I'm passionate about home decor! I live in Orlando, Florida and began my home decor journey in 2020 encouraged by my late sister, Maggie who enjoyed my eye for decor. We all have a gift and I discovered at that time that mine was home decor. I’m a social media influencer passionate about home decor, interior styling and home design & staging. I specialize in creating home decor content, sharing my best ideas inspiring my audience to be just as creative. I love to share lots of affordable cozy and glam home decor ideas in everyday life!
Hi, I’m Lindsay! I’m a VP, Bank Manager by day and Home + RV Stylist & DIYer by night. My husband and I moved away from the city and into our country Modern Farmhouse Boho home. Since then, we’ve been sharing our journey of making our house our home, which has brought my new passion of designing and styling into my life. I love to inspire and share with others that anyone can have a beautiful home they love and cherish, and call their house their home.
Hello, I’m Stacie, a wife and mom of four beautiful girls. I am passionate about interior decorating. I love creating a home that is both beautiful and cozy. My specialty is Holiday and seasonal decor. My style is curated by mixing vintage/thrifted finds with modern elements to create a cozy cottage style. My husband is experienced in building houses and helps do all of my DIY projects.
Hi, there! I'm a busy mom of two who is obsessed with all things home decor and design. And if like me, you like it all, I'm here to show you that mixing decorating styles is easier than you might think. My goal is to help you create beautiful, budget-friendly spaces that reflect your authentic self while mixing styles effortlessly and cohesively. In short, I’d like to help you LOVE where you live!
My name is Melissa and I’m from Florida. I've been passionate about design my entire life and got into interior design right out of school. I've done kitchen and bathroom remodels, floor plan redesigns, staging and helping people find their decor style. My favorite decor style is bohemian. I love neutrals and lots of textures. I also love pops of color and to mix in some metals with woods. My own design style is very eclectic bohemian meets traveled and worldly design. As I have gotten older, I also like simple and easy. I'm excited to share more decor and designs, help you find your own style and design your homes.

Marissa is originally from Jackson, MS but has relocated to Houston, TX. She started event planning in 2014. Interior design was something she gradually started doing. She would decorate her own personal spaces and post pictures, and soon she started receiving requests to assist others.

Things started to spiral and she knew this could be a career move. Her expertise for designing and creating comes naturally. She’s in love with all things fashion related, so this makes her job even more exciting. Not to mention she loves making others smile. She looks forward to assisting you with your next project.

My name is Faten. I am a certified Interior Designer with 4+-years of designing innovative, functional spaces focused on sustainability and creative aesthetic design. I have a home decor account on Instagram with more than 300k followers. Decor and organizing is my passion , I can help you to remodel and decorate your house
I’m Jeananne and love designing spaces using what’s on hand or found thrifting and collecting. My style is a mix of traditional, old world, Victorian and grandmillennial. Combining old with new, and adding some colors and textures always make a beautiful home. Don’t forget the value of repurposing things. Think outside the box and have fun!
Hi, I’m Cheryl from @MyCoastalChicLife. I’ve lived in New York and Long Island forever, always footsteps from rivers or beaches. I love a Hampton coastal vibe with a clean fresh look. I am a retired Elementary School Teacher who blossomed into a Social Media Content Creator/Designer. I'm happily married for over 40 years, mom of 2 amazing children and Grammy to 5, with a double set of twins! I was that kid who always wanted new bedding and decor for her bedroom. You can usually find me dreaming up new looks for existing spaces and searching for the perfect accessories to complete it. I'm looking forward to helping you create a beautiful space.
My name is Michelle Lanzilatti, and I am a stay at home mother to two littles. My love for interiors and styling came when we began to make our new house a home. I would categorize my style as new traditional or grandmillennial. I love a good vintage find, and you can always find me surfing Facebook marketplace for a unique find!
Hi, I'm Taryn! I am passionate about all things home! After designing a few of my own homes and helping family and friends with their residential projects, I realized there weren’t many options out there for people who are budget friendly. So, I decided to start my own website to help people across Canada and the US have access to an interior designer (e-design) on their own time and budget. When it comes to interiors, I believe your home should have personality and should be as unique as the people that live in it. I look forward to helping you make your house a place you can’t wait to get home to!
Interior stylist, content creator, and DIYer Miranda Rose is dedicated to inspiring eclectic, luxurious lifestyle design for those with a realistic budget. Mixing modern and secondhand elements, she aims to curate living spaces that feel both individualistic and contemporary. She would describe her personal home style as “Mid-Century Romantic” — strong, linear furniture pieces layered with fantastical, feminine touches. Miranda has worked with companies such as Urban Outfitters, Crosley, and Joybird, to name a few.
Hi! I’m Alyssa and I live in Western MA with my husband and two kids. I have always loved home decor (something I inherited from my mom), as well as vintage/antiques and thrifting. My personal style tends to gravitate more towards vintage cottage with a touch of farmhouse, but I have a vast appreciation for all types of decor! Being a stay at home mom, I strive to decorate on a budget and love the thrill of the hunt and the gratification that comes with finding the perfect piece for a specific space. This is something I aim for with anyone I work with! I also love to DIY, so if I can’t find that perfect piece, I make it.
Malika Grace is a home decor influencer and content creator, DIYer, and interior design enthusiast originally from Southern California and currently residing in Dallas, Texas. She has a keen eye for style, sophistication, and detail. Malika has always loved decorating and styling homes. With DakorBox Home Decor, her main goal is to inspire others to embrace their own style and bring their homes to life through design. She is passionate about sharing her expertise on her website and social media, and helping others achieve great results with their own decorating projects and budget.
I'm a mom of 2 boys and wife to Ari. I'm a hairstylist by trade, but life as a home blogger quickly became my passion. I started The Sames Style blog in 2021. It's a place for me to share design ideas that bring me joy in hopes to inspire others to create a home they love. My personal style is a blend of modern bohemian and industrial. I love combining natural materials with exposed brick and concrete. I'm drawn towards a lived-in and comfy space that is functional but doesn't sacrifice style. I'm a "switch-into-sweatpants-the-second-I-get-home" kind of girl. My home needs to feel the same, relaxing and cozy.
Missy Stimer is a home decor influencer, DIYer, and lover of budget-friendly decor to transform a space. Neutrals are my vibe but don't let that fool you. I love adding seasonal pops of color to enhance a space. I live in Central Pennsylvania with my husband and two children in our modern farmhouse style home and am constantly brainstorming our next home project. An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author. Together, let's make you feel at home!
Hi, I'm Makenzie from @kenziemariehome. I live in northern Florida (close to Alabama) and am a dog mama to my pug Harley. I'm passionate about all things home decor, but especially decor that's affordable and attainable to everyone! I spend most of my weekends thrifting or going to yard sales and I love to find different ways to style decor, and home furnishings that fit different styles. When it comes to designing your own home, I am a firm believer that you should choose options that match your style and make you feel HAPPY when you're at home. I look forward to assisting you in creating your dream home that you can feel excited about!
I have a love for interior design and tend to incorporate different styles, including farmhouse, French country, and more, into my home. I currently live in northern New Jersey with my husband, Steven, and our two kids. I love wood, and diy projects and am so lucky to have a handy husband to help me when I come up with some crazy idea that may need some extra help getting executed.
Hi friends, my name is Andrea Swenson. I grew up dreaming in paint swatches and fabric samples. I have always loved design, and I turned it into my greatest passion as I grew into adulthood. Six years ago, I designed the entire floor plan, all the details, and then styled every inch of our dream home. I am blessed to share my love of home, family, and creativity over on my blog Valley View Abode. You will see how our years spent living in the Caribbean has translated in to my decor style. I love the coastal cottage vibes and sharing decor ideas that don’t break the bank. Come over and say hi!
My name is Emily Wardle and I live in West Jordan, Utah. I have 3 teens, and boy is it a lot of work! My goal has been making this house into our dream home one room at a time. My main belief with decor is that there are no rules. Everyone should be able to do what they like and what makes their house feel like a home. I think it’s always important to make a house beautiful yet comfortable enough to lounge around in. In addition to decorating, I also LOVE reading (like I’m obsessed with books), and Diet Coke.
Hi!! I’m Shanna. I am a mom to three young men -- two of which have moved away. I have a passion for interior design and have always loved styling and decorating. Home is my happy place and I strive to make it a cozy, welcoming space for everyone who enters. I truly believe that creating and designing a cozy, beautiful home is found in the smallest of details. I love vintage pieces and finding ways to use both old and new things in my home.