Spring Fashion Trends in Home Decor

Apr 17, 2024by Alana Peace

With a new season comes new trends, and this spring is no different. As that welcoming breeze brings about new flowers and foliage, you can follow suit with these decorating ideas and bloom a new home style.

Mixed Metallics

Introduce a new kind of shine to your space this spring with metallic decor. We’re evolving from your basic silver and gold and diving into darker hues, matte finishes and chrome, giving your home a glamorous and futuristic vibe. You can add this look to your space in the form of vases, lamp bases, art frames, figurines and more!

Fresh color combos

Spring is all about color and excitement, and so is this next trend! This season don’t be afraid to go bright, bold and contrasting. Choose colors that reflect your home style and your character for a look that’s truly unique to you. Some popular color choices for fun pairings this year are peach, pink, yellow and green. Add in contrasting moody trims, neutral tones and mixed materials for an extra personal touch. A few examples are peach and navy, yellow and green or metallics and natural wood. With our curated bedding bundles, you can customize the colorways and discover your own take on this trend.

Retro vibes

Nostalgia has played a big role in interior design the past few years and it is not slowing down. This spring, retro vibes are filling the home with colors and textures that are reminiscent of the decades where fashion always made a statement. By combining today’s modern eclectic designs with those home fashions of the 70’s and 80’s, you can create a unique style. From patterned upholstery to avocado green and mustard yellow, hopping on this trend comes in many forms including patterned rugs, furniture with organic shapes, wall art and geometric drapes. For a little inspiration, take a look at the color and design combo of our Mid Century Geo Light Filtering Window Curtain Panel Set that balances a retro vibe with a modern touch.

Maxed out patterns

As you can tell, these spring trends are all about being bold, so it goes without saying that maxed out patterns made the list. Patterns like wide stripes, geometric designs and organic shapes embody this ‘maxed out’ look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns throughout your home with your textiles, rugs and art. If there’s one style we know that always delivers on pattern, it’s our Bohemian collections! Introduce this trend to your primary or guest bedroom with our boho bedding sets.

Following trends is a great and fun way to discover how you can update your style with the latest fashion looks. Which trend are you hopping on first?

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