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  • Turning Your New House Into a Home

    Turning Your New House Into a Home

    Moving into a new home brings on an overload of excitement! Having your own space with freedom to decorate how you please opens endless possibilities – which could mean you don’t know where to start. Add in a partner with slightly different taste and you may hit a few bumps in the road on the way to a finished product.
  • Patio Decor: Configuring and Decorating

    Patio Decor: Configuring and Decorating

    You have an outdoor space, but how can you set it up for resort-worthy relaxation and entertaining? The possibilities are endless! Look at your patio, balcony or terrace as a blank canvas and imagine what kind of activities you’ll enjoy in the space and go from there. 
  • Worldwide Furniture Styles (Infographic)

    Worldwide Furniture Styles (Infographic)

    The team at Jarrimber put together an infographic outlining some of the more popular furniture styles from across the world.
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