Turning Your New House Into a Home

Aug 9, 2023by Alana Peace

Moving into a new home brings on an overload of excitement! Having your own space with freedom to decorate how you please opens endless possibilities – which could mean you don’t know where to start. Add in a partner with slightly different taste and you may hit a few bumps in the road on the way to a finished product. In this blog I’ll be sharing the steps I took to turn my house into my home.

Color Scheme

Picking a color palette relies on what your style is like. For example, I have always gravitated towards a boho style with tons of colors and exciting patterns so I right away knew I wanted walls with warm tones. While I wanted soft browns and blues – my partner was set on more nature inspired shades such as green. After snatching many swatches from the store, we were able to agree on a color family that satisfies both our styles. By choosing Drenched Sienna by Benjamin Moore for our living and dining room, I achieved my love of warm tones while he appreciated the natural clay-like color.

House Into a Home

Time For New Furniture

Having upgraded to a new home from a small rental meant lots of furniture purchases to fill up that open space (and make sure the dogs have plenty of lounging options). We searched for all the qualities we wanted – pet-friendly, l-shaped and the right width. It seemed like this search went on forever, but it’s worth waiting until you find the perfect one. We were able to find something super cozy that complemented our paint color and the tones of our wooden coffee table.

House Into a Home

Décor & More

This is the most fun part (for me)! I couldn’t wait to decorate and bring personality to our home. With our open floor plan, I wanted to make sure our living space was very inviting. Lush Décor’s website made this search easy with their shop by style option. I was able to go category by category browsing the boho styles to find exactly what I was looking for. For our living room we have a big window that needed the perfect curtain set to match the vibe. After seeing the Boho Medallion Window Curtain Panel Set, I scrolled no further. Since the window wall is a light neutral shade, we chose the turquoise/tangerine color to bring eclectic colors to that side of the room.

Referring to the How to Hang Window Curtains blog, we hung our rod about 4 inches above the frame and 4 inches out to give the illusion of higher ceilings. Then on to throws and pillows! The Haniya Geo decorative pillow and Hati Elephants Throw Sherpa felt like the perfect bundle for us. They brought color, pattern and plenty of texture to keep the look homey.

House Into a Home

Hanging Pictures and Artwork

We love decorating the walls with family photos and artwork from our latest Target haul. To keep the living room welcoming we thought the best way to express ourselves was with a gallery inspired wall above our couch filled with our top picks from some of our adventurous vacations.

For the dining area, we hung a rope framed mirror beside watercolor cactus artwork we purchased. We wanted to keep the nature/boho theme flowing through our space and decided wall hangings was an effective way of doing so.

When it comes to decorating your home, I think it’s best to incorporate whatever makes you happy, whether it’s trending or not. Your home should feel like your sanctuary, so fill it with pieces and colors that make you feel happy and relaxed.

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