How to Hang Window Curtains

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From the fabric you choose, the style you go with and the hardware you utilize, to the method you choose to hang your curtains, window curtains have the potential to complete the look of a room and define its style. Window panels are the perfect way to accessorize any room while providing privacy. Find out how to pull your room together with window panels!

Farmhouse Textured Grommet Sheer Window Curtain Panel Set

Pick your Curtain

Deciding on the look you want to achieve with window curtains is the first step! Whether you are looking for a blackout curtain to keep the room insulated and dark, or you're looking to add texture to an already existing pair of panels with a set of sheers, Lush Decor has hundreds of window curtains to choose from to fit every style and every function for every life stage.

Take into consideration the different hanging style options as well. Curtain panels are hung with grommet, knotted tabs, clip rings, and rod pockets.

Measure, at Least Twice

Start by measuring the window. Hang the curtain rod 4-6 inches above window frames allowing the room to feel and look bigger. Extending the rod 3-6 inches beyond both sides of the frame will make the windows feel grand and will also allow more light to shine through when curtains are open.


The length of your curtains will have a great impact on the look of a window too. For a classic look, use curtains that fall 1/2 inch above the floor -- especially if you open and close your drapes frequently – to prevent dirt and dust from attaching to the bottom on the curtain each time they are moved. For a dramatic, luxurious puddle effect, add 6-8 inches to the rod-to-floor measurement of the curtain.

Curtain Rod


Decorative rods, holdbacks and ties add bling to the room, putting the finishing touch on a window with added texture and detail. Don’t overlook this last step! Details count here when completing the look of your window.

Cynthia Jacobean Valance


A valance is a shorter drapery panel that can be added to small windows to create interest and add texture to a space such as a bathroom or kitchen window and are also popularly placed over interior doors that lead outside. And no, they are not outdated! In fact, they’re re-emerging.

Valances can be styled in a few ways such as alone, paired with a set or single window panel or paired with shades or blinds. The same installation process can be implemented for a valance as far as measuring your window goes.

No matter what style of curtain you are hanging, or where you are hanging it it is important to make sure you are doing it correctly to get the most out of your fixture!

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