Patio Decor: Configuring and Decorating

by Alexa Robel

You have an outdoor space, but how can you set it up for resort-worthy relaxation and entertaining? Look at your patio, balcony or terrace as a blank canvas and imagine what kind of activities you’ll enjoy in the space and go from there.

Small patio space

Furnish and Decorate to Entertain: Small Space

Fortunately, there are all types of patio furniture solutions for tighter spaces. Consider streamlined, thinner fabricated metal designs over wood options to fit in a smaller space. Slim metal pieces tend to look proportionately best in a tight space because they have a lighter appearance. Metal, such as tubular aluminum, is lightweight because it’s hollow inside, making it easy to move around which will help you stay flexible when entertaining. For longer lasting metal furniture, look for matte finishes that prevent rust from forming.

Small patio space

To relax to the fullest in smaller spaces, create a cozy space with a round accent table. Flank it with two patio chairs for hours of comfortable lounging. Add comfy chair pads and fun throw pillows that will make the space feel inviting. Add a shared ottoman for extra comfort. Alternatively, try to arrange an outdoor sofa against a wall with a coffee table and side accent tables for food and drinks.  

A sectional gives immediate elegance to a small space and will help maximize seating. Look for streamlined four-piece sectionals that are designed to fit into smaller outdoor spaces in just about any configuration. Add a layer of comfort with a stylish outdoor rug that ties the small space together for extra cohesion and comfort. Another option for seating and serving is using a high-top table and barstools which are thinner in dimension, allowing for a roomier layout.  

Small patios are also fun to decorate because your creative thinking results in a one-of-a-kind space. Create a fun ambiance with string lights, flameless tiki lights or lanterns as centerpieces. Use a stand-up ice bucket to make for more floor space as opposed to using a cooler. Arrange small flowerpot arrangements and plants to add life to your space.

Large outdoor space

Furnish and Decorate to Entertain: Large Space

Do you have a lot of outdoor space for entertaining? Make the most of that ample area by creating separate zones for dining and lounging. Use weather-resistant outdoor rugs to help define and distinguish each area.

Backyard patio set up

Whether you're looking for outdoor furniture in Cincinnati, Ohio or in Sacramento, California, there are a plethora of options available to you beyond what's trending in your own city. Do you envision yourself hosting casual, formal and holiday meals al fresco at a table filled with family and friends? You’ll want a full-size outdoor dining table and chair set in a design that expresses your style. Full-size outdoor dining table and chair sets tend to be large and heavy to move. It helps to decide on the placement and layout before you set up your furniture.

Today’s outdoor dining sets are designed to fit in just as well indoors as they do on your patio. If you frequently entertain large groups, go for an extending table that adjusts to a bigger size.

You can also take a different approach and choose your table and seating separately. All-weather wicker chairs look elegant with concrete-and-wood tables. X-backed chairs pair well with streamlined wood or metal tabletops. Two exceptional outdoor furniture materials, teak and all-weather wicker, are durable and beautiful and are versatile in styling. With good care and protective covers, they can stay looking their best for years.

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