Why We’re Loving Bedspreads (And You Will Too)

1 comment Jun 26, 2019by Kimberly Foerst
If you are in the market seeking to purchase a new bedding set online or at your favorite store, you should consider all your options before just going with what you’ve always used in the past. In your bed is where you will typically spend about a third of your day, so you definitely want something that fits all your needs, as well as your wants.

Ravello Pintuck Ruffle Skirt Bedspread Set

Bedspread sets offer so many benefits over more traditional bedding options such as comforters, duvets and quilts. Besides being stunningly beautiful, bedspread sets offer so many more surprising benefits.
The Look
There is no denying that the look of a fancy and frilly bedspread is stunning. Bedspreads are both dramatic and romantic. The ruffles pool to the floor to create a look worthy of a magazine photo shoot. Various types of embellishments can give the bedspread added texture for an added dimension to your bedroom decor. Prints are also available for more subtle style upgrades.

Ruffle Skirt Bedspread Set

The Convenience
A bedspread is only one piece of fabric that covers your entire bed. This makes your bed easy to make, even for kids. It’s also a very quick way to redecorate your bedroom. Most convenient of all, the draping ruffled section hides from view anything you wish to remain hidden under the bed. So when you need to quickly make your bedroom look presentable, push your clutter under your bed and let your bedspread do the rest of the work for you.
Cost Effective
A luxurious bedspread set is comparatively priced to other types of bedding and generally inexpensive on its own. Add in the fact that no bed skirt is needed, and it becomes even more affordable. Plus, as we mentioned above, it creates a stunning and finished look that stands alone, so there is no need to invest in extra decorative pillows and other accents if that is not in the budget.

Ticking Stripe Bedspread Set

Bedding for All Ages
We have found that kids, teens, young adults, and older adults enjoy the look and feel of our bedspread sets. The look is classic and grown up enough for those more mature in age, while the ruffles and embellishments keep the look young and fresh enough for the trendy younger adults. And any little girl would feel like a princess with a ruffled bedspread set on her bed.

Allison Ruffle Skirt Bedspread Set

Bedspreads are even lighter in weight than your typical quilt, and much less heavy than a comforter. So those in warmer desert climates can use it year round. For anyone located in cooler areas or places with cold winters, layering your bedspread with another blanket or quilt set is a great option for providing the warmth you need while also giving your bed a beautifully styled look.
We can all agree that bedspreads are a great option for a kid’s or teen’s bedroom, a guest bedroom or a master bedroom. If you’re looking to buy a stylish and affordable ruffle bedspread set to your bedroom, Lush Decor has a growing selection of beautiful bedspread sets to choose from.

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