Transforming Your Space with Autumnal Vibes

Sep 6, 2023by Cathy Christino

Long summer days are quickly giving way to earlier nights with a crisp breeze filling the air. Fall is almost here and it’s time to infuse your living spaces with the cozy allure of the season. Transitioning your home decor from the light and breezy vibes of summer to the warm and inviting tones of autumn is an art that brings a refreshing change to your surroundings. From revamping your bedding to updating window curtains and decorative accessories, here are the definitive keys to creating a home that embraces the spirit of fall.

Fall Decor

Bedding is the undisputed answer for creating a cozy sanctuary for chilly nights. Bid adieu to light summer sheets and welcome the season of layers with open arms. Start your fall transformation by swapping out your linens for something more substantial and snug. Deep, earthy tones like burnt orange, rich burgundy, deep sage and rustic brown set a traditional mood for fall. For a more modern look, try adding a pop of peacock blue for a sense of drama. A plush duvet cover or comforter, or a chunky knit throw will bring a touch of tactile comfort that creates a cocoon that feels just as inviting as an autumn evening.

Your window treatments play a critical role in setting the tone for the season. As the weather cools down, swap your sheer summer curtains for something with a bit more heft. Velvet, tweed or textured fabrics in warm, muted shades create an inviting atmosphere while keeping out the chill. Imagine drawing the curtains closed, lighting some fall-scented candles and putting on some moody music to bask in the ambiance of your own private oasis.

Fall Bedding

Pillows and throws are the ultimate secret weapons when it comes to transitioning your décor. Trade in your lightweight cushions for ones with plush textures and fall inspired patterns. Think textured pillows in your favorite fall colors and throws in rich, comforting fabrics like faux fur, chunky chenille or cable knit. These small touches can instantly transform your sofa into a cozy haven – making movie nights all the more inviting!

Fall Decor

Incorporate fall’s finest details as you weave the tapestry of the season throughout your home. Elevate your fall décor game by incorporating natural elements into your spaces. A vase of dried wildflowers on your dining table or a garland of leaves with mini pumpkins scattered across your mantle add an authentic touch. Try some simple but eye-catching DIY tricks like creating a harvest basket with pumpkins, cabbage and mums or attaching fall foliage to string links for a twinkling seasonal upgrade!

Transitioning your décor from summer to fall is like wrapping your home in a warm hug! By embracing autumnal shades, lush textures and seasonal accents, you’re creating a sanctuary that resonates with the essence of the season. So, go ahead, welcome the change, grab a pumpkin spice latte (obviously!) and enjoy the magic of fall.

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