Decorating With Pumpkins: 5 DIY Fall Pumpkin Decor Ideas

Oct 2, 2019by Jenny Zhu
Redecorating your home for fall doesn't have to mean changing your entire color scheme, bringing in all new home textiles, painting in fall colors, or any other project that can potentially incur a large cost and a big chunk of your time.
Instead, grab a few pumpkins from your garden or your local produce store and try one or more of these DIY pumpkin decorating ideas. Any one of the ideas listed below can be done at minimal cost and require minimal time and effort.

Pumpkins in front entry

1. Front Door/Entryway Decor
This is the easiest option of all. This will take no time and cost only a couple dollars if you have to purchase the pumpkins. Place two or more medium sized pumpkins on your front stoop or in your mudroom.

DIY Pumpkin Wreath

2. Make a Fall Pumpkin Wreath
This option will take some more time and creative juices, but still shouldn't cost much money. You will need a couple small pumpkins, perhaps some pine cones, and some fake leaves, as well as a hot glue gun and/or string to keep everything in place.
Tip: Lay everything out before you start attaching the pumpkins and other decorative items to the wreath base, which you can find at just about any arts and crafts store. This will save time and money in the long run by helping you avoid making any mistakes and having to re-purchase anything.

DIY Pumpkin centerpiece for table

3. Make a Pumpkin Centerpiece
This will take nearly no time at all. All you need is a bowl or serving tray. Place the pumpkin(s) in the bowl by themselves or add a flameless candle, fake leaves or pine cones to create a beautiful and colorful centerpiece for your dining room table. This can also be a decorative accent for your end tables in your living room or night stand in your bedroom.

Fall Decor Pumpkins on Window Sill

4. Add Pumpkins to Window Sills
Any window sill inside (or outside) your house is a another place where you can add some pumpkins to cozy up the space.
Tip: Paint the pumpkins to mix up the colors in each space. Think of fall colors like green, white, red, brown and dark purple.

Create a DIY Autumn Scene

5. Create an Autumn Scene
Pick a corner of a room to add a full fall scene in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. In addition to pumpkins, incorporate the same things you would use in the projects above, such as fall foliage, candles and pine cones, and also think about other items you could use like fall-themed mugs, hay, apples, and more.
Tip: Use fresh flowers and real leaves for this specific project, since they can easily be changed out as needed.

Pumpkin decor in bedroom

There really are so many ways you can add pumpkins to your home decor in a tasteful way that will look great throughout the Autumn season. Any one of the DIY projects listed above will give your home that cozy fall feeling and can be done in less time and for less money than just about any other fall redecorating project.
Have any other ideas? Tell us about the DIY pumpkin decor projects you're working on in the comments section.

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