Top Home Decor Picks of 2016

2 comments Dec 21, 2016by Kimberly Foerst
Now that 2016 is winding down, we decided to take a look back at what our top sellers were over the past 12 months. Window panels claimed three of the top five spots, while a quilt set took the top spot. These are the most popular items by units sold on for 2016.

Avon Comforter Set

5. Avon Comforter Set
This gorgeous comforter set available in white and ivory has been a top seller since its launch. The ruffled ribbon embroidery adds texture and an eye-catching design that women love.

Clara Window Panels

4. Clara Window Curtains
These are a newer design that have really taken off. They’re not only beautiful; they also offer room darkening functionality. This design in gray and yellow or turquoise and tangerine have made a statement in many homes.

Avon Window Curtains

3. Avon Window Curtains
Like the comforter set above, these curtains were an instant hit. They match flawlessly with the comforter set to give a complete look to the bedroom that is classy and elegant. They can also stand alone and add a feminine look to a living room or dining room and are available in white, pink, gray and ivory.

Riley Window Curtains

2. Riley Window Curtains
These sheer curtains feature a cascade of handmade bows and add beauty, texture and light everywhere from nurseries to home offices and everything in between.

Navajo Quilt Set

1. Navajo Quilt
This has been by far the most popular item on our website this year, especially in the Southwest and Midwest. The reversible quilt and shams feature navy, blue, orange and red color tones and geometric patterns at a clearance price.
What did you buy in 2016? What are you looking forward to in 2017? Tell us in the comments section.


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