Guest Blog: Unique Ways to Decorate a Small Bedroom

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Channel your inner creative side and come up with a unique way to make the small room in your home a stand-out project.
First, think of the theme. Will it be a boy's bedroom, a girl's bedroom, or maybe just a guest room? Whatever you are thinking about when it comes to your spare area, obviously you want a space designed like no other you have ever seen before.

Decorating a small bedroom

Tips for Decorating a Small Guest Area
To start, you should take into consideration if you would like to keep the area small or if you would prefer it to look bigger than what it is? If you want to decorate a small guest bedroom, the reasonable choice would be to expand the area visually. You want your guest to feel as if they have plenty of room. Decorating tips for this type of room would be:
 >Hideaway bed or Daybed with trundle
 >Neutral or light-colored paint for walls
 >Minimal decor items around the room
When we decorate a room of any size, the most important thing to do is to plan out the color themes and what furnishings we would like in the space. For a small guest room, it would be advised to keep the walls a neutral color like white or beige. However, if you would rather go with a more colorful scheme, then paint with warmer or lighter shades of yellows, blues, or greens.

How to decorate a small bedroom

Then, the next question you may want to ask yourself is - will you need to change the flooring? Keep in mind, we want to make the room look bigger than what it is. Therefore, if there is carpet down already, consider replacing it with wood or tile.
Furthermore, you could always place an area rug that will match whatever colors you choose. However, if you are the type of person that would not consider wood or tile, buy a carpet that is of a flatter and tighter weave like Berber.

Decorating a small bedroom

Also, a bed will be needed, and you can solve that space problem by incorporating a wall with a hideaway bed and only pulling it down during bedtime. Since a hideaway becomes part of the wall when not used, you could place some artwork on it or even a pretty mirror to look at when the wall is present.
Mirrors are placed as decor in small areas, because they give an effect of a bigger area.
Tips to Follow When Transitioning a Small Nursery to a Child's Bedroom
Now, let's open our minds up to what we would want a small boy's room to look like. If you are decorating for your son that has just turned the age for a big boy's bed, then there are a few options to switch up his nursery area.
 >Repaint the Walls with a neutral or bold colors (colors optional)
 >Wood floors for a boy's room
 >A loft bed with a tent underneath

Decorating A Small Bedroom

These are great choices for a toddler boy transitioning into a big boy. You will want to paint with nice bold blues, reds, or maybe even a mixture of colors depending on the decor you pick for his theme. For example, nautical would look cool for this age group.
Next, the floor is an important decision when decorating a room. However, it will probably not matter if it is visually larger. Even so, on the floors, I would suggest wood. He can roll cars or trains, or stack Lego blocks easily on a wood floor. If you would rather have carpet in your child's room, then a plush carpet would be nice, but keep the shade a softer color if the walls are painted in brighter colors or vice versa.
Children, especially boys, love bunk beds and a loft bed is what I would consider investing in before the bunk beds. The loft is off the ground, but it is not too high from the floor. Underneath the bed is just high enough for a covered tented play area. Lofts are great space savers when it comes to toys. Because, what kid does not like to play in a tent?
In a little girl's room, I would suggest the same things for her room as listed for the little boy's, but with a different color scheme and theme. And remember, it can be a princess or dinosaur room without crowding the walls with pictures and stick-ons. You can find things like themed throw pillows for the bed and curtains with characters on them.

Decorate with a mirror in small bedroom

A Final Tip to Keep Your Small Bedroom Simple and Unique
Today, it has become important for a lot of us to reduce our clutter. When we lessen the amount of clutter on the walls and floors, our eyes are drawn to the beauty of the room itself. This is becoming more of a theme that people like to stay with when decorating any room in their homes. It is a great tip, especially when decorating small spaces.
So, grab some inspiration by looking through home DIY blogs or home living magazines to jot down your own personal likes such as colors, furniture, and flooring. And then, together with some of the tips listed in this article, make your small bedroom a valuable part of your living space.

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