5 Alternative Ideas To Decorate Your Walls

Oct 25, 2017by Kimberly Foerst
For many, wall decor includes a painting or framed family portraits. Those are perfectly good options, but we have put together some alternative ideas to help you create the “wow factor” in your home.
1. Wallpaper – Wallpaper is coming back in a big way. With new interesting patterns and colors to choose from, this is an easy way to bring the focus to your wall. If you choose a very bold pattern, it’s best to only do an accent wall rather than the entire room.


2. Hanging Gardens – Especially if you live in a home with little or no yard to build a garden, this is a great way to brighten your space. Interior designers and decorators agree that plant life is a positive addition to your space. But the benefits aren’t just aesthetic. Plants will help clean your air. And, you could grow your own herbs and vegetables for healthier eating and to save money on groceries.

Mirrors in Home Decor

3. A Large Mirror – A mirror is most useful in a smaller space because it will make your room look bigger. If your room is low on natural light, a mirror will reflect it and make your space look brighter. Choose one with a decorative frame that works within your decor theme and fits the scale of your room.
4. Custom Mural – Having an artist come in to paint your mural gives you endless options to enhance the look of your space. You will have to find a talented artist if you don’t have that type of painting capability yourself. Just like with the bold wallpaper, this should be saved for an accent wall (or perhaps the ceiling) rather than your entire room.

Unique Shelving/Bookcase

5. Unique Shelving – Hanging shelves or putting up a bookcase can be much more stylish than it sounds. This is also a great opportunity to add texture to the room. Even typical shelves can create drama if you hang them in an interesting way. However, a real eye-catching option is to add a bookshelf that is built to look like a piece of art, such as in the shape of a tree, a word or phrase, or even an outline of the country.
When it comes to redecorating the rooms in your home, your walls should not be neglected. Empty walls make a room feel like it’s lacking something. These ideas can bring your whole space together and also provide useful functionality.

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