Guest Blog: How Old Stuff Can Be Recycled For Home Decor

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Home decoration is a critical aspect that needs special attention as it has a tremendous impact on the ambiance and aesthetics of any home. The first thing that will pop into your mind when you think about designing or decorating the interiors of your home will be the budget constraints.
However, contrary to popular belief, you do not need an incredible amount of money for decorating your home and to make it elegant and beautiful. Recycling and upcycling older items allow you to decorate your home even on a tight budget.
This home decor technique tremendously reduces the cost of decorating your home as you will be using otherwise useless materials. Recycling old and broken items means that you reduce the amount of waste that you throw away and also decorate your home.

decorate with old garden items

Besides, you can make it your DIY project and make the interiors of your home reflect your perceptions of decoration. You can experiment with a plethora of styles and produce the decoration as a reflection of your opinion.
The possibilities of decorating by upcycling older materials have no limit other than your imagination. In this article, let us take a closer look at the idea of recycling old items and how you can use these items for home decor.

How Can Old Stuff Be Recycled For Home Decor?

1. Using Magazines Or Newspapers
Newspapers and magazines are items that you will be receiving every day or week. Unnecessarily tossing away old newspapers and magazines can be a waste of good paper material. You can make a cover for your lamp by repurposing old newspapers and magazines.
You will need an old lampshade, a Mod Podge, and a foam brush for crafting a custom lampshade. Firstly, you will need to cut the magazine page or newspaper vertically into 1-inch strips using scissors.
Apply mod podge all over the old lampshade. Now, you can apply the strips of paper over the lampshade. Ensure that no wrinkles form over the surface and cut the excess portion of the paper. Applying yet another layer of mod podge over the lampshade after covering with paper cuttings will give it a smooth, glossy finish.
2. Mason Jars
Old mason jars have thick glasses with corkscrew lids. These jars are reusable in plenty of innovative ways. One of the most accessible forms of recycling mason jars is by tying them with a rope or string and hanging these jars in the balcony.

decorate with mason jars

You may fill up the mason jars with soil and plant little flowers on them to make hanging gardens. Another innovative method of reusing the mason jar is by putting string lights in a bunch inside them to create beautiful hanging lights. You can use a flat cord power strip to conceal the power strip to aid in the visual appeal.
You can include all your favorite color lights to create unique multi-colored lights. These light up jars are excellent for creating a vibrant atmosphere in your room. Another custom effect you can incorporate is by painting the outside of the jar and cutting out some portions to produce marvelous light effects.
3. Compact Discs
Compact discs are now not as popular as a decade ago. The principal storage units now are hard disks and pen drives, as they can be re-written over and over and also provide the convenience of storage and use.

decorate with compact discs

This change in usage has left many compact disks or CDs obsolete in our homes. The surface of the CDs are shiny and elegant, and they make for exceptional decorative items. You may hang the compact disks with a ribbon on your door or wall as a decorative piece.
You may also use it as a decoration for a Christmas tree or your table or even as a wall clock. They are also useful for decorating your utensils, such as cups or candle holders. You may also apply fabrics in several colors or acrylic paints to accentuate the look.
4. Empty Bottles
Bottles originate in all shapes and sizes, and a plethora of colors. You can cut off the neck from liquor bottles and use them as a drinking glass. Keeping bottles in window sills and similar places where light passes through the bottle will produce colorful lights for illuminating the room.

decorate with empty bottles

You can also paint empty bottles and use them as a flower vase or as hanging light holders. For making pendant lights, you will need to remove the base of the bottle to allow the wire and light to pass through. Glasses of various thicknesses produce refractions in varying intensities which look beautiful when illuminating the light.
This technique is eco-friendly, and you make decorations with items that you will generally throw into the garbage. With the environmental pollution crisis on the rise, it is more paramount than ever to reduce the impact you make on the environment.
You also get the chance to unleash your creativity and produce unique decorations using old items in your household. Once you try using this method, you will not be going back to the conventional manner as you will get an immense sense of satisfaction.

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