What’s Your Barbie Style?

Jul 26, 2023by Cathy Christino

Whether you’re a die-hard Barbie aficionado or a staunch critic of her controversial legacy, one thing is undeniable: Barbie has woven herself into the fabric of our lives as an iconic figure. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the new super-hyped, much anticipated Barbie movie has taken over the national conversation. This first ever live-action Barbie film has sparked intense debates, ranging from hailing it as a feminist masterpiece to dismissing it as shallow eye candy. Whatever side you’re on, writer and director Greta Gerwig’s version is meant to be a hilarious but biting portrayal that both chastises and celebrates our pretty-in-pink protagonist.

Barbie Inspired Bedroom

As a marketer who oddly identifies as a non-conformist with delusions of high style and good taste, this writer’s thoughts on the matter are an intriguing cocktail of ambivalence and excitement! I must confess that a much younger version of myself fervently believed that with enough imagination and heartfelt wishing, I could shrink myself down to live in Barbie’s Malibu Dream House, commune with nature in her pop-up-camper and bask in her endless sea of costume changes.

The older, more jaded version of me has moved on to manifest my own personal space that, in some respects, echoes that imaginative early spirit. Perhaps the best any of us can aspire to in the real world is to reimagine those fragments of childhood fantasy – whether in Barbie’s signature pink or not – and infuse our lives with our very own brand of magic.

So, get ready to inspire your inner designer, tap into your inner-child and give your home a fabulously fun makeover. Discover your ultimate Barbie Home Style – from Glam Barbie (obviously) to Coastal Barbie, and from Cottagecore Barbie to Southwestern Barbie and more, let’s take a journey where home decor meets Barbie personas. Get ready to transform your space into a whimsical wonderland that reflects your Barbie spirit!

Barbie Inspired Bedroom Design

1. Glam Barbie:

Are you all about glitz and glamour, darling? Embrace a luxurious decor style fit for a Glam Barbie. Think shimmering metallic accents, plush velvet furniture, and crystal chandeliers. Opt for a monochromatic color scheme with pops of gold, silver and metallic pink. Incorporate mirrored surfaces, faux fur throws, and statement pieces that exude opulence. Get ready to shine bright and let your inner diva take center stage!

Glam Barbie

2. Boho Barbie

Are you a free-spirited Barbie with a love for all thing bohemian? Embrace natural textures, vibrant colors, and eclectic patterns. Think cozy floor pillows, macrame wall hangings, and layers of patterned rugs. Add plants, dreamcatchers, and fairy lights for a whimsical touch. Let your creativity shine with DIY projects and mix-and-match furniture for that effortlessly boho-chic vibe.

Boho Barbie

3. Coastal Barbie

Is your Barbie all about that beachy aesthetic? Dive into a coastal decor style that reflects a relaxed and serene atmosphere. Incorporate shades of blue, sandy neutrals, and nautical elements. Use light, breezy fabrics for curtains and opt for natural materials like rattan and driftwood. Hang seashell garlands, display marine-inspired art, and welcome the tranquility of a coastal getaway right in your own home.

Coastal Barbie

4. Coastal Cowgirl Barbie

Giddy-up, Barbie! Here’s a coastal twist on Western-inspired decor style. Embrace a beachy, laid-back look infused with rustic charm. Incorporate natural textures like weathered wood and jute rugs. Add touches of coastal blues and sandy neutrals. Hang horseshoes as wall decor, display cowboy boots as art pieces, and incorporate woven baskets for some Western flair. Adopt the coastal cowgirl spirit and create a space that’s both breezy and rugged!

5. Vintage Barbie

Time to channel your inner classic beauty with a vintage-inspired decor style. Think old Hollywood, Barbie in the early days – glamour, sophisticated elegance, and timeless charm. Go treasure hunting for rich velvets, silky textures, and textiles with ornate details. Incorporate vintage furniture, gilded mirrors, and antique or reproduction lighting fixtures. Choose a color palette with deep jewel tones or soft pastels. Surround yourself with pieces that transport you to a bygone era of elegance and grace.

Vintage Barbie

6. Cottagecore Barbie

Escape to the enchanting world of Cottagecore Barbie, where rustic charm meets whimsical romance. Embrace a cozy, nature-inspired decor style with floral prints, soft pastels, and vintage accents. Fill your space with fresh flowers, cozy quilts, and lace curtains. Display antique teacups, worn but well-loved books, and charming cottage-inspired artwork. Create a warm and inviting sanctuary that captures the essence of a fairytale cottage.

Cottagecore Barbie

7. Midcentury Modern Barbie

Ready to go retro and incorporate the iconic Midcentury Modern Barbie style? Think clean lines, bold colors, and sleek designs. Choose furniture with tapered legs, geometric patterns, and vibrant hues. Incorporate statement pieces like sunburst mirrors, Eames chairs, and iconic atomic-inspired accessories. Blend a mix of 1950’s/60’s finds and modern elements to create a space that exudes a cool, retro vibe.

8. Forestcore Barbie

Create an enchanting Forestcore setting in your very own pop-up camper! Inspired by the whimsical beauty of nature, use some practical magic to transform your space into a woodland wonderland. Adorn the walls with lush greenery and delicate floral gardens to weave an outdoor tapestry that brings the forest indoors. Add rustic wooden accents, reminiscent of tree trunks and pair them with soft, earthy textiles in muted hues to evoke a sense of tranquility. Of course, no Forestcore retreat would be complete without a sprinkle of fairy lights, creating a dreamy ambiance no Barbie could resist.

So, which Barbie Home Style resonates with your inner designer? Remember, this is all about embracing your playful spirit and creating a space that reflects your unique personality. Let your imagination run wild. Mix and match styles. Embark on a décor adventure that would make 2023 Barbie proud – one that elevates, uplifts and honors YOU!

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