Using Bold Prints In Small Bathrooms: A Bathroom Makeover

by Jenny Zhu
Typically interior designers and decorators are keen to avoid using bold prints and "loud" colors in small spaces, as it can sometimes make the space look even smaller and tighter. However, we have found that a small bathroom is actually one place where a bright and bold print can actually work.
This is the story of a small bathroom makeover, where the look got better and better with only the smallest effort. The changing prints did all the work.

Employee Bathroom with Flamingo Shower Curtain

One of our employees was using our Flamingo Shower Curtain in her small bathroom. That's an actual picture of the space above. This shower curtain is very subtle, with it's white backdrop and small gold metallic flamingos printed all across it. It's not quite minimalist, but it's also not what we would describe as colorful or bold under any circumstances. It didn't make the bathroom feel any bigger, though.

Abner Geo Shower Curtain in employee bathroom

When she was ready for a change, she took a risk and switched it up to our Abner Geo Shower Curtain (no longer available) with its modern geometric print, in primarily soft colors. Again, that's an actual photo of the space above. The shower curtain had a bolder pattern than she was used to, but it matched the space well, so it was an easy decision to use that in her design.
In a much bolder move, the same employee decided to make another switch. (Luckily, changing up your shower curtain is a very inexpensive way to completely change the look of your bathroom.) This time, she decided to go way bigger, and choose a shower curtain with a big, bold pattern in bright colors. She went with our Poppy Garden Shower Curtain, as you can see below. Again, a real photo of the same bathroom.

Poppy Garden Shower Curtain in employee bathroom

As you can see, the shower curtain doesn't take away from the space or make it feel smaller. Rather, it adds a new energy and liveliness to the bathroom.
If you want to make a big impact with your bathroom makeover, a new shower curtain is the biggest first step you can take - and the least expensive, too. Shop our full line of stylish shower curtains at

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