Top 5 Reasons To Love Decorative Pillows + 20% Off Coupon

by Kimberly Foerst

Lush Decor Decorative Pillows

There are so many reasons to love pillows, because all at once they can be fun, functional, and pretty. Adding pillows is a cost-effective way to instantly enhance a room’s design. And the list goes on and on.
Baby Its Cold OutsideHere are the top five reasons we absolutely love decorative pillows:
1. They can make a statement – literally. What do you want to say? When you can’t find the right words, decorative pillows can. For example, if you don’t care for chilly temperatures, you might like this Baby It’s Cold Outside pillow.
2. Update your space. With just two or three new pillows, you can make over your room for each new season. Decorative pillows are the colorful accent pieces that can become the focus of your room. You can also add a fresh new pattern or texture. And all of this can easily be done for less than $100.
Pillow Fort
3. Pillows are fun. If you have young children or you babysit kids at your home, there isn’t much you can do that’s more fun than building a pillow fort. You can also use larger pillows for seats or headrests when watching family movies together on the floor.
4. They enhance the room’s look, no matter what your style. Does your room have a contemporary style? Is it modern chic? Perhaps your room has a farmhouse or eclectic style. Whether you describe your room as modern, old fashioned, or something in between, the perfect pillows are not hard to find.

Dog resting head on Swirl Decorative Pillow by Lush Decor

5. Two words: Midday naps. When you are watching TV on your couch on a lazy Sunday, you might find yourself lying down and getting sleepy-eyed sooner rather than later. Pillows are a lot softer and more comfortable than the arms of most chairs. If you happen to have a throw nearby too, you are all set for a perfect nap.
To celebrate our love for pillows, we’re offering 20% off all pillows with coupon code PILLOWS.
Lush Decor is continually releasing new designs of colorful decorative throw pillows for your couch and bed. Let us know which design you love the most in our comments.

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