The 4 P's of Patio Decor with Interior Designer Kate Dawson

Mar 6, 2024by Vera Helein

If you've been daydreaming of that perfect patio ambiance, we have the perfect tips for you!

We talked with interior designer and Home Stylist Collective member, Kate Dawson, on how to use her "4 P’s" rule to revitalize your patio or deck.

Patio Decor

The 4 P’s of Patio Design

Perfect Paint & Stain

First off, let's talk about color. The right hue can re-energize and redefine. "Nothing can transform a space as quickly or as dramatically as a new coat of paint," Dawson shared. For our outdoor aficionados, adding a color stain to your deck can do wonders. For around $50, a can of stain is your ticket to a revamped deck. Plus, "labor is free if you do it yourself."

Plush Pillows

Looking to revitalize your space with color, but also prioritize comfort? Plush pillows are your new best friend. "Your patio seating doesn't need to change -- just accessorize your benches and chairs with new outdoor decorative pillows." Redecorate without the overhaul. Swap out those tired cushions or "buy pillow covers and cover the pillows you already have!"

Patio Pillows

Picturesque Frames & Tapestries

For those blessed with enclosed patios, a canvas awaits! Fill your space with soul, charm, and character. Add some art to your walls or hang a beautiful tapestry. And, an extra little tip from Dawson: "Second-hand stores often have gorgeous art at a fraction of the price."

Plentiful Plants

Another great addition to spice up your patio is plants. When you’re outside, “Make sure you add some lush foliage to brighten your outdoor space." Whether it's authentic greenery or handpicked faux plants, both options can be a beautiful option to add a colorful and earthy vibe to your outdoor space.

Patio Plants

Utilizing these tips, you can revamp your space and create an entirely new aesthetic! Your patio paradise awaits!

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