Setting up Your At-Home Dorm Room

Sep 1, 2020by Alexa Robel
You probably did not imagine yourself ‘dorming’ at home this semester, but this is the perfect opportunity to update your childhood bedroom. It’s important to love the space you’ll be spending most of your time in. By decorating it the way you like, it’ll reflect your personality while giving you a sense of comfort and peace. Get creative and keep your spirits high by recreating your dorm look at home with these simple yet effective tips!
Picture ideas for bedroom wall
Add Photos of Family and Friends
There are so many ways to incorporate and hang photos up around your room. Try stringing lights around a part of your room and pin photos of your closest friends, family and favorite memories with wooden clothes pins. You can also use a create collage tool to add a touch of creativity to your luxury photography. By using this tool, you can make a photo collage on your wall by using frames and Command Strips. Try hanging up a corkboard and pin photos to it to make a collage/mood board of your very own.
If you’re not into hanging up photos of family and friends, try making a collage of prints and landscape photos to add more color and reflect your personality. There are several websites that will print your photos on canvases or turn them into Polaroid-style photos to add some interest. Adding photos will be a great reminder to you that there is a light at the end of this tunnel! 
cozy study chair and desk
Invest in a Cozy Chair and Study Desk
Having a fun yet functional chair to sit in along with a good quality desk where you can do schoolwork will make all the difference. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you just might end up being more productive. Make the space your own by adding a candle or two, a small plant, and even a picture frame to your desk. Adding coordinating, functional stationery such as modern pencil cups and notebooks, colorful pens and Post-It notes will also help make the space feel professional yet fun. In this case, details matter. Purchasing an oversized reading chair might work better for smaller spaces while still allowing for productivity. 
bedding and throw rug
Cozy Textiles - Rug and Bedding
Find your decor style through your bedding and throw rug. Having a cozy bed set and rug will keep your space feeling warm instead of cold and unwelcoming. Not to mention, cozy bedding will allow you to get the rest you need during your semester.
Storage Hacks and Organization Tips
Chances are you’ve brought home more stuff with you than you originally took with you on your last move-in date, and storing your stuff in a way that doesn’t look cluttered may be tough. Maximize your space by utilizing door space. Use hanging storage solutions such as hanging bins that go over your door. Try hanging a long over-the-door mirror or laundry bin to maximize floor space. Hang an over-the-door shoe organizer to make more closet space. Maximize your closet space by adding custom closet storage solutions such as shoe racks and shelving. Purchase basic plastic storage bins or vacuumed sealed plastic bags that will easily fit under your bed. Add modern looking storage bins to display around the room in order to keep things neat and tidy while maintaining the aesthetic of your room.
shelving with plant ideas
Wall Décor Alternatives
If you are not a fan of hanging photos on your wall, consider purchasing wall decals to add that splash of color you may be missing. Hang up shelving and arrange plants on the shelves, along with other small decor pieces. Hang up some textile wall art instead such as macramé to give the space some interest. If this still doesn’t seem right for you, splurge on a headboard for your bed or add a tall bookshelf and decorate it whatever way you’d like. Remember, there are no strict dorm rules to abide by this semester!
Incorporate School Spirit
What college or university are you attending? Hang up a flag or a print of your school’s logo. If you are a part of Greek Life, hang your letters on a shelf or on your walls. Coordinate the color palette you’ll use to decorate your room to match your school’s colors. Modernize it by choosing a deeper or lighter shade of your school’s primary color. For example, if you attend Rutgers University, instead of using black white and red, use black white and your favorite shade of pink or darker red.

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