Pink Blush: The Color Everyone’s Dreaming About + 8 Ways To Add The Shade To Your Bedroom

by Kimberly Foerst
Interior designers and decorators alike seem to be enamored with a certain shade of pink. It’s the soft, creamy shade of pink blush that is perfect for any age group, from babies to great grandparents, and is loved by women and many men.

Belle Quilt Set

On top of all that, pink blush has also been featured prominently in the fashion industry in recent years. It stands to reason that people seem to be dreaming about this beautiful color in their bedrooms.
Here are some great ways to incorporate pink blush into your bedroom:
1. Bedding – The main focus of any bedroom will always be the bed. A pink blush colored quilt set or comforter set will really stand out in your bedroom.

Avon Comforter Set

2. Pillows – Again, since the bed is the main focus, displaying pillows that are pink blush, especially against white or light gray bedding sets, will definitely catch the eye of anyone who enters the room.

Paola Pom Pom Decorative Pillow

3. Paint – Another very effective way to add pink blush to your room is to paint the walls. Or, you can paint a single accent wall, or paint shelves, the trim around windows or frames around pictures. There are so many great options!
4. Curtains – Dress your windows with flowy, elegant pink blush curtains or valances. Window treatments make an instant impact on the look of your room, and this is a very cost-effective option.

Reyna Window Curtains Pink Blush

5. Throw – A beautiful pink blush throw blanket on a throw rack, over an accent chair or laid across the foot of the bed can add the perfect pop of color in your space.

Belle Throw Pink Blush

6. Accent Furniture – If you have space for a sitting area, consider getting a chair that is upholstered in a pink blush fabric.
7. Area Rug – A shaggy pink blush area rug may be just the piece you need to complete the look of your shabby chic bedroom.

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8. Storage Boxes - Every bedroom needs storage to hold out of season clothing, the decorative pillows on your bed while you're sleeping, photo albums, etc. 

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