Key Features of a Farmhouse Style Bedroom

Mar 8, 2023by Dana Dantoni

Transform your bedroom from boring to breathtaking with the timeless, rural charm of a farmhouse style bedroom. Getting familiar with the features that make up this cozy and inviting style is step one. Whether you're a fan of rustic accents or vintage treasures, there’s something here for everyone.

farmhouse bedroom

From distressed wood finishes to comfy textiles and country-inspired color palettes, we’re going to show you all the must-have elements to master the farmhouse look. Plus, plenty of great tips and tricks along the way so you can make sure your room is picture-perfect.

Adding Color with Paint and Textiles

Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse style bedrooms look best with a harmonious color palette composed of soft and warm hues. To add color to your farmhouse design, you will want to focus on the walls, textiles, and accent pieces. For your walls, consider adding a white base coat with pastel shades of blues, greens, and grays as your accent colors. Paint is an easy way to bring in muted tones to your room that can be accessorized with timeless accents. When it comes to adding texture and patterns, pay attention to your bedding and window curtains.

To complete your farmhouse look, choose natural textiles such as cotton or linens for a classic country feel. Our Belgian Linen Collection is a great option. If you are looking for a bedding set that is practical, simple, and cozy with natural colors take a look at our Farmhouse Stripe Cotton Reversible Comforter Set.

For accent pieces, don’t be afraid to layer colors with art and furniture pieces like vintage wooden chairs or metal finished nightstands to give your room more dimension. Together these colors and textures create a balanced rustic design that will make you feel right at home in your farmhouse style bedroom.

Choosing Rustic Décor


The key to creating a farmhouse-style bedroom is to choose rustic pieces that have an air of simplicity and charm. Think of items that have natural elements like distressed woods, white-washed furniture, and handmade pieces. Vintage is also a great option, as these items usually carry a rustic look as well.

For furniture, consider pieces such as a white armoire or dresser with dark metal handles and knobs, an iron bed frame with wooden slats and a headboard, or an armchair or sofa with turned wooden legs. When selecting bedding, opt for calming colors like blues and greens in solid fabrics like cotton or linen. Additional features like embroidery on the duvet cover can provide visual interest.

Accessories should enhance the bedroom's natural feel by adding texture and color. Woven rugs provide comfort underfoot, while soft throws create cozy layers of warmth on the bed or chair. Soften up walls with prints of landscape scenes in muted tones or framed photographs featuring family memories. And don't forget to add some greenery around the room; potted plants bring life and freshness to any space!

Adding antiques and collectibles to your farmhouse style bedroom is a great way to add some charm and character. Not only do vintage pieces tell a story, but they also give you a chance to show off your personality.

Neutral Bedroom

Here are some tips for bringing a sense of nostalgia into your bedroom:

  1. Invest in quality pieces that have character and tell a story.
  2. Look for furniture pieces that have texture, like those with wood knots or wicker seating.
  3. Add small collections throughout the space such as vintage books, glass bottles, or pottery with unique shapes or patterns.
  4. Hang art and photographs in large frames to create visual interest and focal points around the room.
  5. Fill unused spaces in the room with rustic decorations such as baskets, birdhouses, or old tools.
  6. Incorporate mirrors and lamps with unique shapes to add layers of interest to the room as well as extra light sources.
  7. If possible, try to buy antiques from local retailers or flea markets so you can find one-of-a-kind pieces that match your chosen esthetic perfectly!

With these tips, you’ll be able to find the perfect vintage pieces that will bring your farmhouse style bedroom alive!

Using Natural Materials

Window Treatment

When you're decorating a farmhouse style bedroom, always keep natural materials top of mind. While there are synthetic materials available, nothing will make your farmhouse style bedroom look more authentically cozy like natural materials.


Wood is one of the most important components of a farmhouse style bedroom, from the bed frame to nightstands and dressers. If you want that classic rustic look, choose wood pieces with knots and irregularities for extra visual interest. Reclaimed wood furniture is another great way to incorporate natural elements into your design.


Adding stone to your space is a great way to bring in a bit of texture and warmth. The most common stone pieces used in farmhouse bedrooms include limestone, slate or sandstone—all of which are durable enough to handle foot traffic while looking beautiful at the same time. Natural stone will also bring in nature's beauty and make it feel like you're living in harmony with your surroundings.

Finally, think about the linens you use for your bed and throw pillows; anything made from linen, wool or cotton will work well with the overall esthetic. Linen sheets are particularly popular in farmhouse bedrooms because they provide a strong visual contrast between light neutrals and heavier textures like wood and stone—it's an eye-catching combination that adds depth to any room.

Creating an Accent Wall With Wood or Shiplap

Wood Wall in bedroom

Adding an accent wall to your bedroom is a great way to bring some farmhouse style into your space. Your accent wall can be done with wood, like a wooden headboard or barn wood paneling, or you can go with shiplap for a more rustic and classic look. To get it just right, here's what make sure to keep in mind:

  • Consider the walls' existing condition
    Before you add any wood panels or shiplap to your accent wall, make sure that the walls are in good condition—meaning there's no large holes or cracks. You can use joint compound and spackle to fill any imperfections in the wall itself.
  • Pay attention to details
    When you're putting up your wood paneling or shiplap, make sure you pay attention to the details. That means taking care that they are level, nailed correctly and that everything looks esthetically pleasing when it's all up on the wall. These subtle details will make all the difference when it comes to creating a beautiful accent wall!
  • Paint makes a huge difference
    Painting your accent wall can really help draw out the features of it—like making those different lines between planks of wood really stand out. If you opt for shiplap behind your bed, painting it white and adding pops of color in other places throughout the room will give you that farmhouse bedroom feel.

Pillows on couch

By keeping these tips and tricks in mind, you'll have an accent wall that will bring all the charm of a farmhouse style bedroom into yours!

Utilizing Lighting to Enhance the Space

Lighting is an important element to consider when decorating a farmhouse style bedroom. After all, it's not just about how your bedroom looks but also how it feels. An attractive lighting scheme can truly make a difference in how the room feels and the atmosphere you want it to have.

Think of ways to mix and match lighting options to achieve contrast and harmony in your room. You'll want to avoid harsh overhead lighting, so go for floor and wall lamps that provide a more calming atmosphere that complements the farmhouse design. For example, a bedside lamp adds pretty warmth, while sconces on either side of your bed add a modern touch. A large chandelier can also add drama, while task lighting like table lamps make reading easier and more comfortable.

Most importantly, make sure to use light dimmers whenever possible so you can adjust the mood according to your preferences and activities. Nothing is worse than too much or too little light - find just the right balance with dimmers!


The modern farmhouse style bedroom is one of the most popular bedroom designs today. By utilizing the key features such as a blend of old and new, neutral colors, cozy and inviting textiles, natural materials and light-filled spaces, you can create a bedroom decor that will be the envy of all your friends and family.

Beautiful, timeless and inviting, the farmhouse style bedroom is the perfect oasis to retreat to after a long day. With the right combination of pieces, your bedroom can quickly become a cozy and inviting farmhouse-style retreat. By taking your time and picking pieces that reflect your style and family, you can create a bedroom that will become your favorite room in the house.

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