How To Prepare Your Home For Holiday Guests

Nov 29, 2017by Kimberly Foerst

At this time of year, you probably have a lot on your plate to make the holidays a memorable experience for your kids, from festive decorating to cooking big family meals, to finding the perfect gifts for family and friends. But don’t forget about preparing your home for overnight guests.
Whether you plan to have the in-laws over for a long week or someone just needs to stay for the night because he or she had too much to drink at your holiday party, you want to be an accommodating host. So make sure your home has everything your guests need.

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A Comfortable Place To Sleep
This is the first and foremost need of your guests. Ideally, you'll have a cozy guest bedroom with a luxurious mattress and clean linens ready to go. However, we know that's not always a possibility. An air mattress isn’t ideal, but it will do in a pinch. Even better would be a daybed or sleeper sofa if you don’t have a spare bedroom. If you do have a spare bedroom, decorate it for the holidays to make it feel welcoming to your guest. No matter where you have your guests sleeping, be sure to offer clean and comfortable bedding and pillows.

Festive Holiday Decor

Festive Decor
Let your guests know that you have holiday spirit with festive home décor. It doesn’t have to be your typical menorahs or reindeer, although those are fine too. Home textiles like curtains and throws in holiday colors like reds and greens or blues and silvers give your home a holiday feel while maintaining a grown-up look. Decorative pillows and colorful wreaths also help to add spirit to your home.
Cozy Seating Area
Where will your guests be hanging out during a get-together or after a family dinner? Be sure that you have plenty of seating for everyone. Cozy throws will keep your guests warm and comfortable while they have conversations with you and other visitors. Furniture protectors and slipcovers will keep your chairs and sofas protected from spills or hide any stains you might already have.

Essentials for Overnight Guests

Remember the Essentials
Since you never know when someone might need to spend the night after a party, be prepared with extra toothbrushes, soaps, and other toiletries, as well as clean towels and a spare pair of pajamas or sweats for the guest to change into.
This holiday season, make sure your home is ready for planned and unplanned overnight guests. Being prepared will give your visitors the best experience.
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