How to Incorporate Bold Color and Patterns While Maintaining Minimalist Design

by Kimberly Foerst
If you have always preferred neutral colors and minimalist design, you may be hesitant to add bright colors or bold patterns to your decor. But it is possible to add some flare to your room without taking over the whole space. Just follow these tips to tastefully incorporate colors and patterns while maintaining a minimalist look. 

Kemmy Quilt with Catalina Fur Pillow

Add Decorative Pillows
The best thing about decorative pillows is that they are the least expensive way to update the look of a room, but they make a huge difference. If you are redecorating your living room, choose at least three pillows. At least one should be bright and/or have an eye-catching pattern, while the other two can remain neutral in color and design. In your bedroom, one decorative pillow as the centerpiece atop your bed will add the perfect amount of pop.

Grace Patchwork Throw by Lush Decor

Pick the Perfect Throw
What’s great about a throw is that it lies perfectly over the back of the sofa or the foot of the bed and immediately brightens the room. Throws are also inexpensive additions to your home decor and they make a statement without taking over the room. They add that “extra little something” to a room. Plus, they are soft and warm when it’s cold outside.

Dress Your Windows
Full length curtains with a bold design may be too flashy for your minimalist vision, but a pretty valance for each window might be just right for adding a bright color or an interesting pattern to your space.

Lush Decor Storage Boxes

Decorative Storage Boxes
If you are still not so sure about the options above, think about your bookshelf and your closet. Instead of a plain storage box, pick one with a decorative print to add some pop to your living room or bedroom without upsetting the minimalist look.
If this is something you want to try, start with one option above in one room to test it out. If you go all out and follow all of the tips above at once, your space will no longer have the minimalist look or feel you love.

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