How to Give a White Bed More Pop

May 31, 2017by Kimberly Foerst
Many women love the look of all white sheets and linens in the bedroom. In fact, some of our top sellers are our all-white comforter sets like those in our Avon, Belle and Serena collections.
While white bedding and sheets look clean and lovely on their own, they can also sometimes get drowned out in a bedroom. That’s when you need to add a splash of color to dress it up.

Belle Quilt by Lush Decor

Here are 6 ways to dress up your white bed:

1. Add colorful decorative pillows or pillow shams to your bed to add a contrasting color and incorporate fun patterns.

Decorative Pillows on a white bed

2. Layer your bedding. Position your classic white bedding over top of a more colorful quilt set that has a great accent color and a nice pattern to fit the style of your room. You could either fold it at the foot of your bed or place it beneath your white set and fold it over at the top.
3. Change your bed sheets to a colored set. Make sure you fold them down over top of your quilt or comforter when you make the bed so that they can be seen.
4. Choose a colored bed skirt to add a colored frame to your bedding.

Fiorella Quilt Set by Lush Decor

5. Change your headboard. If you want to keep your all-white bedding the way it is, you can still make your bed pop by adding a solid colored headboard in nearly any other color. Or, if you simply love your headboard and cannot imagine changing it, try painting the wall directly behind your bed in a color that compliments the room but is strong enough to stand out against the white.
6. Add a canopy. Your bed will be the star of the bedroom if you have a flowing canopy draped over it. You can be sure everyone who visits will take notice.
As you can see, lovers of the clean and crisp look of white bed linens have many options to make their beautiful bed stand out instead of allowing it to get masked by other bedroom décor.

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