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May 3, 2017by Jenny Zhu
Silver decorations are timeless and classic. One of the best things about this finish is that it is easy to incorporate into other designs. You can use silver for just about any holiday, season, or decor style because it is so versatile. Tame down a heavily wood-themed room with some silver pull knobs, throw pillows or vases. Accentuate an all white room with various textures and displays of metallic decor around the entire room. You can even use silver for the baby's room. 

Velvet silver window curtains

Accentuate the beautiful features of your home for the holidays
Using the metallic sheen of silver in decorations has been around for ages. One of the best ways to use this color for the holidays is to buy a large variety of silver bulbs. You can place them on the tree of course, but why not have a bit of fun with them and use them to add some bling to the green garland on the stair railing?
You can put several of them in a large glass bowl or jar and add some candles to use as a centerpiece for your special holiday dinner. Brighten up your bathroom with a new silver mirror, ornate chandelier, or use clear jars with bulbs and a LED candle to create a light and airy atmosphere. Choose large decor pieces to put on your front porch, yard, or trees to give guests an easy way to spot your home when they turn on the block. Put silver near the most intricate features of the home to draw attention to the area and bring out the sheen of the design. 
Use silver as a focal point to draw the eye around the room
Beyond the holidays, there are many ways that you can use silver in your home decor. You can buy a mirror and carefully smash it between two layers of cloth and use the pieces to decorate a plain terracotta pot or two. This idea is an excellent way to makeover the things you already have at home, and it draws the eye to the front door of the home.

Silver Flatware styles at

Add a few pieces of silver flatware to a dining set and watch people gawk at your table. Silver flatware is one of the things that has shown posterity over the decades. People use silver dining ware to show off how well they are doing or for special occasions to treat everyone. 
Create a special memories area for family photos
Photo frames in silver signify modern and chic styles. Use this option to create a photo wall in your home that will have everyone wondering what designer you hired to redo your room. Choose silver frames and print out black and white photos for a huge impact. You can use these photos to pass down priceless family heirlooms to children and grandchildren too. 
Make a unisex nursery
For those of you wanting to wait until the baby is born to find out the gender, why not choose a silver theme for the nursery? You can opt for a little or much silver depending on how much you plan to change after the baby is born. Most likely, you will be too busy to do tons of rearranging and decorating, but using silver is a quick and easy way to make an impact.
Those of you who plan to use the same nursery for several children will not have to completely make over the room between babies. Simply add personalized blocks, name plates, blankets, and teddy bears to tailor it to the new child. You can even have the first pair of shoes dipped in silver. 

Silver/Gray Pillows

Go with silver fabrics
Some people do not like the shiny, silver decorations that shout "bling" when you see them. For these people, muted hues of silver and gray are a better option. You can create a focal point with a large area rug with metallic designs or solid silver color. Throw pillows, small blankets, and cloth footstools in silver tones are other ways to add metallic colors to a room without going overboard. You can also choose fabrics with metallic thread to give you some shininess. Drapes and pillows are excellent for this option. 
Metallic colors like silver are easy to overdo, but as long as you take the time to plan the design and think about things that can tone the brightness down, then you are on your way to creating a stylish area for your home. You can even find engraving options for personalized gifts you can give to family members who want to brighten up their homes, or you can have your gifts personalized with the date you received them.

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