Guest Blog: How to Design a Stylish She Shed on Your Own Backyard

Jan 1, 2020by Jenny Zhu
Everyday life can be stressful and hectic, and everyone needs a way to escape. You’ve heard of the man cave, but what about the female version – the she shed? Creating a she shed in your backyard is a great way to have your own space in which to relax or work. Away from the house, but still close to all of your creature comforts, she sheds can be a sort of personal oasis.

She Shed in Backyard

Here are some tips on how to design a stylish she shed in your own backyard:
Choose its purpose
A she shed’s purpose can be anything you choose it to be. How you choose to spend time in yours will depend on your personality and interests. One common way to use a she shed is to set it up as a place of relaxation for reading, listening to music, or watching TV.
Using a she shed as a studio for art or music is ideal for creative women. However, you don’t need to be an expert in the arts – why not use your she shed as a place to practice and hone your skills away from prying eyes and ears?

woman painting at an easel

You could also use your she shed for storage. Sometimes there simply isn’t enough room in the house for large collections of makeup and other products! Install a mirror, and you’ll no longer have to wait your turn for the one in the bathroom. Having your own dedicated area to do your hair and makeup will also let you experiment with new styles at your leisure.
Once you’ve decided what your she shed will be devoted to, you can work on its design.
Give it a personal touch
Some women like to decorate their she sheds to a theme. Beach-themed she sheds, for example, could include nautical decorations and whimsical shell mobiles. Forest-themed sheds might comprise rustic furniture and nature-themed tapestries. However you plan to use your she shed, adding a personal touch will make it feel much more homey.
Paint it
Painting the exterior and interior of your she shed will give it a new, fresh feel. For the outside, choose a colour that will last well in the sun. On the inside, stick to light colours to give the illusion of a bigger space.

lady sitting on a hammock

Add comfortable furniture
Quality furniture can transform even the most basic of spaces into a place of relaxation. Try a comfy sofa with plenty of coloured cushions, or even a hammock, which will be perfect for lounging or reading. When you’re stressed, you’ll be able to transport yourself to a tropical island by lying down, sipping on a smoothie and whiling the hours away.
If you live in a warm climate, you may like to consider a chair and table just outside your she shed so you can soak up the sun.
Ensure a great internet connection
If you plan to use your she shed for anything internet-related, a solid connection is essential. Use wireless broadband to avoid the hassle of wiring your shed. Whether you’re studying, working, or just browsing, fast internet will make life in your she shed a whole lot easier.

yoga in a she shed

Add a touch of nature
Indoor greenery can give a relaxing feel to any space. Try hanging plants if you’ve got a small area to work with, or keep a few potted plants dotted about your shed. You might also like to try installing window boxes on the outside, so your she shed is just as cosy-looking from afar as it is indoors.
A she shed can be the perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life. If yours is cosy and comfortable, you’ll soon be eager to spend plenty of time there.

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