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7 Steps To A Cozy And Relaxing Reading Space

Feb 24, 2021by Guest Blogger

The modern world is full of strains and stresses that can have a big impact on our mental health and with mobile technology at hand to rattle us into the real world at all times we need a space to escape more than ever. Everyone can find the space for a stress-busting reading corner, and with the help of a few fabrics and a splash of colour you can create a peaceful haven in your own home.

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Step One: Bring Out The Soft Fabrics

You’re looking to be cozy and relaxed and just maybe you’re even going to be dozing off in this perfect little corner you’ve created! So forget about the minimalist or brutalist design tastes that are on trend in interior design: we need soft materials. Go big with a soft chair you find yourself disappearing into, throw in some pillows and a blanket for good measure. Get comfortable!

Step Two: Incorporate A Bookshelf

There are many ways to incorporate a small bookshelf into your reading space. Even if you’re a dedicated Kindle fan nothing motivates you to curl up with a book more than being surrounded by your favourite novels, and maybe a few classic reads you haven’t gotten around to. If you’re rocking a window-seat reading nook you can build in a small bookshelf at one end to inspire. If that’s not possible, even a small table with a little jumble of books can bring in that library feel.

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Step Three: Get Colorful

Incorporating a splash of colour into your reading nook is guaranteed to lure you in, especially on those grey days where there’s rain pouring down the window pane. Eileen Patterson, interior design blogger at Writinity and Researchpapersuk explains that “psychologists have linked bright colors to an instant serotonin hit for your brain: pink, yellow and orange tones work wonders for your mood. If you’re worried about clashing, pastels can also lift your mood - try a colorful throw and some pillows to match.”

Step Four: Bring The Garden Inside

Another brain chemistry hack that’s going to turn your reading nook into a haven of happiness. Houseplants have a number of incredible effects on a space, not only purifying the air around you but also purifying your mind. House plants have been demonstrated to improve concentration and productivity by up to 15%, so if you find it hard to get away from the screen and focus on a book a few monstera deliciosa can work wonders.

Gallery Wall

Step Five: Decorate With A Gallery Wall

This is all about relaxation, so although you’ve got reading in mind you want to create the space for that mind to wonder. There’s nothing as unstimulating as a blank wall, so get creative with your very own private gallery. Find some prints of your favourite paintings or build a mosaic of old photographs that takes you back in time, helping you forget the stresses of the modern world.

Step Six: Cornered

You may think that there isn’t room in your home for an extravagant armchair filled with pillows and throws but you don’t need much space to create the perfect reading nook. Any unused corner of a room can work, and you can forgo the furniture altogether by installing a small corner bench and then filling it with comfy throws. Any small space, demarcated from the rest of your house by colour, fabric and intent, can become your reading haven.

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Step Seven: Room For Two

It might be your escape from the world, but that’s no reason to keep it all to yourself! Making room for a partner or a pet to squeeze in with you can increase the coziness factor exponentially! Exchanging the armchair for a loveseat, pile it high with pillows and create the perfect space to curl up with your best pal, whether that’s a furry friend or a significant other. “Taking time to be together in a cozy space can work wonders for your relationship, building intimacy and understanding, ultimately creating a deeper bond,” says Carmen Smith, writer at Draftbeyond and Last Minute Writing. “This works for pets and humans!”

Settling Down

Ultimately you can choose how to create the perfect space for your rest and relaxation, the important thing is that you find a way to separate it from the rest of your living space. If you live in a cluttered, chaotic home then keeping your reading space simple and clutter-free can help, but vice-versa if your home is a minimalist masterpiece then don’t be afraid to throw a few clashing colors together. This lets your brain know that you’re in a new place, where thoughts can slow down. So settle in!

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Guest Blogger Ashley Halsey Ashley Halsey is a professional writer at Research Paper Writing Services UK and As a writer and mother she knows how hectic life can get and understands the need for an escape. She loves curling up with a good book, preferably in front of the fire.

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