Guest Blog: 4 Essential Tips For Making Your Home Comfortable This Summer

Jul 25, 2018by Jenny Zhu
Say goodbye to cloudy skies because summer is finally here to spread some sunshine everywhere. While kids are enjoying the best of their summer break by basking in the warm heat of the sun, the summer months often find homeowners enjoying what they do best — redecorating their home.
That's because nothing feels better than walking around your house with the scent of fresh linen and seeing the newly-changed throw pillows that go along with the season. That's why we have rounded up these essential tips on how to make your home more comfortable for the rest of the summer season!

Let in light this summer

1. Here Comes the Sun
The Beatles song reference aside, there’s no reason for you to let the gloom stay, because sunny days taking over. What better way of making your humble abode a lot more homey than letting the sun into your house? Ditch the dark-colored curtains and opt for sheer, light-colored ones so you can save more energy by using the sun as your main light source. When you feel like it's going to be a good day outside, open your curtains to welcome good energy that can radiate within your home.

Essential Oils and Scents

2. Scents
The art of aromatherapy is so underrated. It is your best choice when you want to elevate your mood and increase your productivity. Surprisingly, the sense of smell is the strongest of the senses, as it is able to influence brain activity the most, and that is why a certain familiar scent can immediately make us feel nostalgic of the past and the memories associated with it. Aromatherapy can help clear our minds as it relaxes us. This idea in itself should be enough to convince you that you should invest in aromatherapy items to make your home smell amazing.

Summer living room

3. Revamp Your Living Room
Your living room is the receiving area of your home, and it is definitely the first part of the house that visitors see when they walk through the door. Since summer is back, replace the dark colors with warm and bright earth tones in your living room. You can start off with a color palette that includes yellow, lime green, magenta, baby blue, white, and purple. Something as simple as changing the cases of your throw pillows can ultimately amplify the ambiance of your house.


4. Add Flowers
People these days aren't fans of incorporating flowers into their home decor due to their likelihood of wilting within a few days, but who said we can't opt for fake flowers? Surely your local home furnishing store has stacks of real-looking fake flowers that you can put in vases at key places in your house to evoke that welcoming ambiance. The benefit of using real-looking fake flowers is that you won't even have to worry about replacing them every week. Instead, you just have to clean the dust off from time to time.
Making your house feel more comfortable this summer doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Sometimes, the things that you need to change up the look of your home are just in your basement, tucked away in the dark and waiting to be used again.
If you’re wanting to add that perfect touch to your home’s ambience, consider equipment from National Air Warehouse to provide the perfect, precise amount of warmth or cooling to the air around you.

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