Going Glam! 5 Questions with Stylist Joanne Rivera

Jul 26, 2023by Kimberly Foerst

Imagine stepping into a room and feeling like a movie star, surrounded by velvet cushions, silk drapes, shiny metallic accents, and pops of rich colors. Picture sparkling chandeliers that add just the right amount of drama. That's glamorous decor for you - a style that knows how to make a statement while keeping things elegant and timeless. In that way, glamorous decor is reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood movies.

Joanne Rivera headshot

Home Stylist Collective Member Joanne Rivera takes us through what makes Glam Decor so stylish, why it's her favorite design style and how you can get this look in your own home.

1. What in your opinion are the key features of the Glam décor style?
Key features in my opinion are mirrors, crystals, and geometric patterns with plenty of texture.

2. What is it about Glam décor style that you personally love the most?
I love how it how it is a luxurious look that brings so much elegance and boldness to a room by adding the right elements together.

Glam bedroom design by Joanne Rivera

3. Have you always preferred the Glam style, or have you dabbled in other styles as well? If so, which styles?
I have always preferred the glam style in most rooms of my house, however being the only female I had to create a cozier environment for my husband and sons. Therefore, my living room is farm style with a bit of glam incorporated.

4. What advice do you have for someone who's interested in decorating their home in a Glam style for the first time?
I would say start with the color base you are more comfortable with most -- like sophisticated neutral colors as main base colors -- and also taking into consideration the time of year. Eventually the more you get acclimated with the elements of glam decor, you may find yourself wanting a bolder look (which is my preference) using the darker colors to bring out that pop of color in a room, along with mixing metals.

Glam Jars

5. Tell me about one decorative item in your home that you can't live without.
I love my ginger jars (pictured above) that I tend to keep out and move them in different areas of my home. They are definitely elegant and bold, and they give off that luxurious look. 

If you want to learn more about Joanne or see some of her work, we have provided links to her profiles below:

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