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Leather as an Element of Decor

Aug 29, 2022by Guest Blogger

Those who say that leather upholstery is cold have most likely never sat on a leather sofa. Leather furniture brings warmth. If you are reading this article, then most likely you are a lover of everything leather and do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a leather sofa.

Or you might want to contact the rental company to rent Toyota Corolla, or rent a smart car, or rent a luxury car with a leather interior to go for leather boots. I dare to suggest that if you do not need to rent a car, and you have your own, then it probably has a leather interior.

Our ancestors knew how to use leather (shoes, clothing, cases for weapons, etc.). Fortunately, this knowledge has been passed down through generations to us. With time everything begins to develop, so we have found where else we can use leather, beyond in clothes and shoes.

The use of leather in the manufacture of furniture

Leather in furniture

Furniture upholstery made of leather has good consumer qualities and high cost. It can have a matte or glossy surface.

Genuine leather for furniture has a number of specific parameters that must be taken into account when choosing this material for upholstery and custom-made upholstered furniture from genuine leather in order to accurately realize the idea.

Furniture upholstered in extremely comfortable leather, durable and suitable for any interior, instills a sense of rigor, respectability and comfort, whether it is a home environment or a workplace.

Leather as a finishing material for walls and ceilings

leather as a finishing material

Leather tiles - a modern finishing material. Today, leather-look tiles are gaining popularity again as wall and floor coverings, because they can make any interior original and extraordinarily spectacular. This non-standard finishing material is considered elite, and is unlikely to be suitable for an economy option, since its cost is quite high.

Based on the quality of the basis of such a finishing material - natural leather, it is worth saying that the advantages of leather tiles are obvious: high rates of heat and sound insulation, the service life is 20 years (which is quite a lot for a finishing material), absolute environmental friendliness, stylish aesthetics, and a huge selection of colors scales, shapes and textures.

In case of damage, only the damaged part itself needs to be replaced, rather than the entire coating. During operation, the color of the tile does not change at all, since it is painted throughout its entire thickness.

Leather wallpaper

Leather wallpapers managed to become famous thanks to their unique “all-practicality”, which at the same time stepped into the category of special luxury. Leather tiles have many fans, with their enveloping gloomy warmth, which keeps the secrets of the time, but also because they have all of the necessary qualities of wallpaper as part of the interior: their durability, harmlessness to health, moisture resistance and safety (the skin is not afraid of fire).

Leather was, is and, most likely, will continue to be rightfully considered a sought-after and fashionable interior design option. It is not for nothing that exotic leather easily conquered the decor of such a complex area as the ceiling and walls.

Leather as a floor covering

Leather shoes

There is no need to confuse the leather from which the jackets are sewn, and the one that is used in the arrangement of the floors. With the slightest touch, you will feel the difference. Beyond just the touch, leather flooring is durable and reliable. This is ensured by a special technology for processing leather for the floor, as well as a properly selected base.

Naturally, such floors are not laid in places with high traffic. They are more of a luxury item. So you should not expect the same functionality from them as from a tiled floor.


As you can see, leather can be used in many ways in the decoration of an apartment or house. The main thing is to approach this wisely, because leather is not only an expensive material, but also a material that requires constant care and respect.

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