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How to Avoid Objects That Create Visual Noise in the Interior

Jan 29, 2023by Guest Blogger

All your design efforts can be overwhelmed by visual noise. This is the name of small objects that in themselves do not pose a particular danger, but together they create a feeling of sloppy, cluttered space that makes it difficult to relax.

Close your eyes and remember your last spa visit. Do you remember the relaxing atmosphere that reigns in the massage room? Do you remember the pleasure that you get not only from massage but also from a cozy room with a minimalist interior in which you were? The most visited SPA centers with Luxury Massage use the services of designers who help to create an environment in which it is pleasant to be. In this article, we will analyze the basic techniques that will help you get rid of visual noise in the interior.

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What is included in the concept of "visual noise" and how can you harmonize your interior?


Why do minimalist interiors seem empty to us? They do not have information streams that are broadcast from boxes, packages, cans, and bottles. By the way, such a problem is often the result of using boxes as a storage system. In this case, the boxes need to be decorated with paper or film to bring them uniformity and to get rid of visual noise. When we buy something, it often has a price tag or a label with information from the manufacturer on it. An accidentally left, forgotten label spoils the whole impression.

Remove the packaging as soon as you bring the item home. After all, at home, we do not wear street clothes but change into something lighter, simpler, and more comfortable. The same should be done with things. Then this object will cease to be a carrier of advertising - it will seem to get used to its new space.

Lots of digital devices

These can be charging wires that have formed bizarre snake intricacies right on your desktop or different kitchen appliances. Many digital technologies reduce stress, so people buy them, but remember that they should not lie in front of everyone, it is better to store them somewhere out of sight.

Lack of unity

If you use several things of the same type, designers recommend choosing them so that there is something in common. For example, if you have 5 pots on the windowsill, then they can be clay, wooden and plastic, but you need a common element (color, pattern, texture, style). If you use completely different elements in one zone, it will stand out incorrectly and attract unnecessary attention.

Additional Tips

An existing container can be a great alternative to purchased jars and dispensers in the same style. For example, loose-leaf tea is conveniently stored in ordinary half-liter transparent glass jars. And in the bathroom, you can use this technique: just remove the labels from the bottles.

Make the most of your hidden storage system and leave as many large surfaces empty as possible. If you remove numerous handles from the desktop, the space will become more organic, and it will be easier for you to concentrate.

If something remains in sight, make sure that it is in harmony with other things. Let's say you have a Scandinavian-style bathroom, where there are a lot of snow-white tiles and cabinet facades skillfully imitate the texture of wood. Toothbrushes can be bought in neutral colors (white, beige, light gray).

If you love prints, follow the rule: if the whole setting is neutral, you can use one large accent (for example, a wall with printed wallpaper) or several small, but with a common link (suppose, decorative pillows on the sofa and a vase).

"Lighten" open shelves. Put them in order, and arrange things beautifully. Candles will add comfort and harmony to the space.

Group similar items. For example, a ceramic candlestick will look organic next to a ceramic flower pot or vase.

Just think: in the spaces that we associate with rest, and relaxation, there is almost no visual noise and the atmosphere helps to unwind. Have you seen him at the spa? And at the hotel? What about the massage parlor? Take inspiration from these types of places to make sure your home has the same relaxing vibe.

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