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6 Garage Updates You Can Do Yourself

Nov 9, 2022by Guest Blogger

The changing of the season is the perfect time to clean out your garage and give it a well-deserved makeover. With better storage capacity and improved lighting, your garage will be functional as never before. Just follow these 6 affordable garage updates you can do yourself. These garage updates are for all skill levels. 

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1. Insulate The Garage Door and Ceiling

Insulation is not only important for the house, but for a garage as well. A balanced temperature inside your garage during winter and summer is great for keeping your car safe and sound. A garage ceiling insulation and insulated garage door can keep the garage about 25 degrees cooler in the summer months. Also, about 12 degrees warmer during the winter months. Insulated garage doors and ceilings reduce energy loss, and you will save money on bills. 

2. Update The Floor

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Before applying epoxy over the floor, whether it’s over the floor paint or adding another layer of epoxy, you should prepare the surface. First, rent a floor buffer. It should be a 60-grit sanding screen. Everything that you don’t use, you can return after and get credit. The next step is to run the buffer over the floor and remove any paint. By scuffing the surface, you will create a texture so epoxy sticks better.

And the final step is to clean the floor. Use a floor cleaner or degreaser, so you thoroughly clean it. This is an important step since epoxy won’t stick to oil surfaces. Wait for the floor to become completely dry, it usually takes one day. Afterward, apply the epoxy. 

3. Update The Storage Space

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Unorganized and too many storage units can lead to clutter. If shelves are overcrowded, they’re not helping with keeping things clean and in their place. So, it’s best to downsize to one functional steel cabinet that frees up the floor space, too. A good idea is to install floating shelves between upper cabinets. Floating shelves are handy for small tools.

The easiest way to get rid of clutter is to divide items into keep, trash, and donate piles. Use clear plastic bins for finding things easily. You can really give your garage a total makeover with a great storage update. Here are more tips and tricks on how to maximize your garage storage space.

4. Add Outlets

Most garages have electrical codes that require one outlet. However, only one outlet is not enough for all the tools. If your garage has open studs, it shouldn’t be a problem to add more outlets by running a wire. If you’re not sure how to do it, just follow the basic rules you can find on the internet. 
If your garage walls don’t have holes in them for running wires, you don’t have to cut into them. Instead, you can run a wire and outlet right on the wall and it will do just fine. 

5. LED Light For Garage Door

You may have noticed that regular lightbulbs don’t last long if they’re in a garage door opener. This is because regular lightbulbs don’t handle the vibrations very well. Luckily, there are LED lightbulbs specifically designed for garage door openers. The LED bulb is made to withstand vibration and cold temperatures. In addition, these lightbulbs can survive in damp places. Approximately, LED lightbulbs have a 25 000-hour life span, which is equivalent to 17 years. 

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6. Pallet For Storing Garden Equipment

If you have a backyard, you probably have a lot of gardening tools. These tools are often long and tall. One of the great ways to store gardening equipment and tools is to use a pallet. This is a quick and simple project that will make your garage look put together. Pallets can be attached to a wall or a fence. Just use screws that are long enough to go through the pallet and the wall. Pallets are affordable and convenient, and you can easily find them for free.

With these 6 simple and affordable updates, your garage will be fresh, clean, and organized. These projects are perfect for seasonal cleaning and can be easily done over the weekend. 

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