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11 Vintage Design Trends We’re Happy to See Again in Our Homes

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Something about the arrival of fall ignites your creative fire, making you look at your surroundings and notice how you can improve them. Is it time to get out the hammer and go to work on some home renovations? Enhancing your living space is a great pre-holiday gift to give yourself, as it will improve your mood every time you come home.

What’s in style for the season? It should surprise no one that what once was old is new again. Vintage design trends are all the rage, and some of the looks of yesteryear can transform your abode into the cozy palace of your dreams.

What are some options you should explore while your creative juices simmer? Here are 11 vintage home design trends we’re happy to see again in our homes.

1. Bronze Accents

Like most novice DIYers, your mind probably turns to paint when you think of inexpensive ways to renovate your home. However, pay attention to vintage design trends before you pick out your palate, as your accent pieces, like your sink and kitchen hardware, should harmonize with the overall design.

2023 gets rid of the boring gray of brushed silver and replaces it with urbane bronze accents that perfectly set off the natural woods, metals and leathers used in many of today’s minimalist furnishings. It also looks heavenly with warm comfort colors like heather gray and rich mahogany.

11 Vintage Design Trends We’re Happy to See Again in Our Homes

2. Combined Laundry/Mudrooms

Once upon a time, folks working in the fields entered a spacious farmhouse mudroom after completing their day’s labor. There, they could take off their boots without tracking dirt through the rest of the house and toss their dirty duds directly into the washing machine.

You might not have to plow the back 40 every day, but the combined laundry/mudroom has multiple benefits for modern families. Do you have pets? When Fido comes in after a jolly romp in the rain, let him shake himself off to his heart’s content in a safe space lined with tile and metal appliances that won’t hold ground dirt. Is your front hall entryway too tiny for a shoe rack big enough for your entire clan’s feet? You’ll have plenty of space to doff your foot covers, keeping any interior white carpets pristine.

3. Marble Kitchen Accents

What’s the best material to use for kitchen countertops? For years, chefs preferred marble for its slick, cool surface that doesn’t get hot, making it ideal for rolling out pastry crusts and cookie dough. However, that isn’t the only advantage of this substrate. It also enhances your home’s value with classic beauty that stands the test of time and creates an impression of elegance on buyers.

This material is considerably more expensive than many other choices, but it makes up for the price tag in longevity. A good marble countertop can last 100 years or more when properly sealed once a year. Avoid scratching it, as unprotected stone will stain, and never place hot pots directly on the surface.

4. Solid Comfort Colors

Yesterday’s busy patterns belong in the past — it's time for the return of solid colors. We’re even happier to report that the most desired hues are soft, comfortable tones like deep browns, soft heather grays and navy.

All-white walls are out, so opt for eggshell or ecru if staying on this spectrum. Accent walls remain in vogue, such a deep chestnut setting off an otherwise uniform tan. When selecting items like throw pillows and blankets, choose muted, neutral shades that complement those on your walls.

11 Vintage Design Trends We’re Happy to See Again in Our Homes

5. Repurposed Furnishings

What’s old is new again in more ways than one. It’s not only trends that come back — it takes little DIY skill to refurbish an old table with paint or stain.

Here’s one vintage design trend that will keep more green in your pocket. You can find outright steals at garage and estate sales and resellers like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. A container of stain costs less than $20 at your local hardware store — the only other thing you need is a little elbow grease and maybe a YouTube how-to video or two.

6. The Study

Man caves have their charm, but the era of working from home has returned the classiness to this escape. Many of these spaces now double as home offices, and recliners with built-in cup holders have given way to desks and libraries.

Here, too, the trend steals vintage ideas. Think plenty of smoky, dark mahogany and perhaps a wainscot.

11 Vintage Design Trends We’re Happy to See Again in Our Homes

7. Gallery Walls

Minimalism doesn’t mean ridding yourself of your favorite memories. Fortunately, gallery walls are back in fashion.

Here’s a vintage design trend that requires no DIY skill other than using a level to ensure your photos hang straight. All you’ll need are some stylish new frames. Ensure they complement the rest of your decor — even mix-and-match designs should have a detectable pattern.

8. Spotlight Alcoves

Spotlight alcoves provide the perfect spot for that heirloom vase. They’re also ideal for showcasing valuable art pieces.

What if you have such a location already, but it’s dim and murky? You can find battery-operated LED strip lights that affix to the top or bottom to illuminate your Van Gogh “Sunflowers” print.

9. Large Butler Pantries

First-time homebuyers have long cited more storage space among their wants, and builders are listening. Gone are those tiny pantries that barely hold a few cans of soup. Welcome back butler-style walk-ins with plenty of room for your potatoes.

What if you need more space in your kitchen? One option is to add a door to an available nearby room to enlarge your space.

10. Dangerous Curves

Have you always wanted a spiral staircase? You’re in luck, as curves are back in vogue.

This rule doesn’t only apply to permanent fixtures like staircases. Remember those kitschy kidney-shaped coffee tables from the 1970s? Welcome them back to your decor in 2023.

11. Muted Florals

Although solids are in vogue, having a few small patterns is OK to break up your sight line. Opt for muted florals instead of large, gaudy prints. Colors also remain subdued — think dusty rose instead of fuchsia.

11 Vintage Design Trends We’re Happy to See Again in Our Homes


Does the change in seasons have home improvement on your mind? As you plan your makeover, ask yourself what’s in fashion.

These 11 vintage design trends will delight your decorating tastes. Play with one or all of these ideas to revitalize your look and embrace the past.

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