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A Roundup of Our Favorite Decor Trends We Don't Want to See Leave in the New Year

Oct 25, 2023by Guest Blogger

Keeping up with home decor trends can be challenging since the industry constantly changes. The good news is your home can reflect what you love, regardless of current trends. We can’t predict what’s in store for next year’s lists, but we can reveal trends we don’t want to leave in the next year. Here are some of our interior design favorites from 2023 for your inspiration.

A Roundup of Our Favorite Decor Trends We Don't Want to See Leave in the New Year

Arched Doorways

Arched doorways can open up a space and give it a more cohesive flow. An arched door creates a soft and inviting atmosphere over harsh rectangular doors. Curves aren’t just for walls and doors, either — we’re seeing an abundance of curved furniture as well.

An arched mural is an excellent way to integrate subtle curves into your space without changing the structure of your walls. You can also paint arches around your door frames to give them a more open feel. Arched doorways can add a touch of elegance and boost your home’s interior, especially with architectural designs like wood paneling and wallpaper.

Unique Lighting

Unique lighting like task lighting, wall lights or three-way light bulbs can create ambiance in your home without the harshness of overhead lights. Wall-mounted ceiling lights are perfect for cozy nooks or creating an intimate feel in a bedroom or other warm part of your home. You can opt for dimmable lights in a bedroom, portable LED lamps or sheer curtains to allow natural light into the room and create an open feel. Natural lighting can elevate any space, so let it shine as much as possible.

Burnt steel is an excellent choice for dining room tables or kitchens that create a rainbow effect on surfaces. Architectural chandelier lights can be the statement piece you’ve been searching for, creating a timeless feel in any room. Accent lighting can highlight architectural features like wall decor, recessed ceilings and columns in your home.

A Roundup of Our Favorite Decor Trends We Don't Want to See Leave in the New Year

Bright Colors

Incorporating bright colors into your home can give it a cheerful and vibrant aesthetic. A fresh coat of paint can transform kitchen cabinets, walls or other spaces in your home. Brightly colored cabinets can help you liven up a room and provide an upbeat atmosphere. It’s hard to be gloomy in a brightly colored kitchen.

Color combinations like yellow and pink can give you a bohemian-style kitchen. Soft shades of these colors are more earthy tones that can add depth and dimension to the cabinets and the room's overall feel. Muted tones can give you a more mid-century modern look in your home if that’s more your thing. Bright colors are the trend we’re hoping sticks around, though. Colorful entryways offer a wow factor when you enter your home and bright living rooms do the same.

Bold Prints and Wallpaper

You can incorporate bold prints into your walls with wallpaper and murals or add depth with paint tricks. You can also use bold prints in statement pieces like furniture or art to enliven your space. Incorporating pillows and throw blankets with bold prints in your living room can add texture and upgrade your room.

Wallpaper can add texture, interest and color, transforming a dull space into something spectacular. It’s excellent in small bathrooms or kitchens, making it stand out in your home. Wallpaper is a fun way to incorporate botanicals or floral prints to elevate the vibe. Using large patterns can make your room appear smaller, and smaller designs can generate more space in the appearance of your room.

Mixing Textures

Bold prints can fall under the texture category here. Adding texture to interior design means using furniture, prints, textiles and decor to play off one another to add interest to a space. Textures come in all shapes and sizes, but knowing how to mix them can be an art. With a plan, mixing textures can look smooth.

Proper planning allows mixing textures to create a welcoming vibe with a cohesive flow that enhances your space. To experiment with blending textures, mix colors and patterns, finishes and materials, and begin mixing textiles. Mix throw blankets, rugs, bedding and window treatments to generate interest and add texture to your home.

Open Floor Plans

While boundaries are essential in a house — primarily if someone works from home — there are many ways to separate space in an open floor plan. Walls can make your home stuffy and cramped, while open floor plans generate space. Play with paint in open floor plans to create the illusion of space.

Open floor plans allow families and groups to hang out together regardless of the room they’re in or the task they’re trying to complete. Someone cooking in the kitchen can converse with someone chilling on the couch without walls getting in the way.

A Roundup of Our Favorite Decor Trends We Don't Want to See Leave in the New Year

Sustainable Design

Sustainability benefits our planet, so we won’t want to see it leave in the new year. Eco-friendly materials and surfaces in interior design include upcycled furniture, art, textiles and other renewable resources. Furniture fittings made from recycled wood fiber or fishing nets are excellent plastic alternatives. Although circular processes are due to material shortages, they are still contributing to wellness design and making our homes healthier.

Wellness design incorporates healthy living into our homes with renewable resources and surface materials with antibacterial properties. Wood is carbon-neutral and can contribute to indoor air quality, making it the ideal material for sustainable design. Home design that can reduce your carbon footprint? Yes, please! Plants are timeless home decor back in style due to their fantastic health benefits. They can purify your air, boost your productivity and increase your focus.

The Best Decor Trends of 2023

Updating your decor can change the aesthetic of your home’s interior. Trends change almost as often as the seasons. Keeping up with them can be fun, but timeless pieces will transcend trends and last as long as you let them. Use this list to inspire your next home decor haul or renovation project.

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