Guest Blog: 12 Space Saving Ideas for the Bathroom

Aug 16, 2017by Jenny Zhu
After a long and tiring day, one of the things we look forward to is a relaxing, warm bath. What’s more, when we need to clear our heads, a calming shower usually does the trick.
These days, the bathroom is considered to be more than a place for personal hygiene activities. It also serves as our private sanctuary, and escape from the high demands of life. This makes it important for us to keep comfort and relaxation in mind when designing our bathroom.
However, designing a bathroom can be a little tricky. One problem you might encounter is space constraints. Compared to the living room, bedroom and kitchen, bathrooms are usually smaller. This makes it a little bit harder to figure out which fixture should go where. 
One way to make the most of your bathroom is by maximizing the space. Check out this list of 12 bathroom space saving ideas:
1. Take advantage of your walls
Instead of arranging fixtures on the floor or benches, install them on the wall to free up some extra square footage. You can mount faucets, to allow narrower sinks, or attach a small shelf on top of the toilet, to create a perfect spot to hold your jewelry and other miscellaneous items. You should also think about getting a petite wall-mounted toilet.  

Wicker Baskets

2. Swap cabinets with wicker baskets
Not only will wicker baskets add a vintage touch to your bathroom, they can also provide efficient and simple storage solutions. Use them to store your extra towels or dirty laundry, and place them under the sink for easy access.
3. Consider customized shelves
Make use of empty wall spaces by hanging custom-made shelves on them. For instance, a 6-inch wide shelf can give you additional room for your medicine kit, washcloths and toiletries.
4. Choose the perfect sink
Sinks usually take up a lot of space in the bathroom. One way to save some square footage is by installing a corner sink. You should also think about getting an oval sink, instead of the ones with edges. This would give you more counter space and add softness to your room. You’d also less likely bumped into the edges of these sinks when you are in a rush.   

Mount Towel Bars

5. Mount towel bars
Avoid tip-toeing from one area of your bathroom to another just to reach the towel rack by installing handy towel bars. Place them on showers doors and above the bathtub for convenience and extra space.  
6. Use mirrors
Hanging mirrors is one of the most effective ways to add light and the illusion of space in the bathroom. Choose flat mirrors, instead of bulky ones that double as medicine cabinets, to make the room feel bigger. You should also use oval mirrors, since they appear to stretch upwards, making the ceiling feel taller.
7. Think about door placement
If you have a small or average-sized bathroom, it is important that you consider the kind of door you will use. Substitute hinged-doors with sliding doors to free up some space for other things and make it look more contemporary.
8. Opt for a wet bath
Commonly seen in European bathrooms, wet baths are open and fully tiled shower area. They have no shower screen and tray, so it is a lot more spacious. If you prefer showers, instead of soaking up in the tub, this is ideal for you. 

Create Illusions Within Your Space

9. Use large patterns
Think about using larger tiles to give the perception of larger space. You can also use larger designs on the walls —like a wide stripe—to trick the eye into thinking that the room is much bigger. The size of the room will stay the same, but it will feel a lot more spacious. 
10. Create illusions
Another way to make a small room feel bigger is by creating illusions. Line the walls of the bathroom with tiles that have horizontal lines to make the room look taller, and run tiles with vertical lines across the ceiling to make it look taller.
11. Use shower curtains
Another way to save more space in your bathroom is by swapping the glass doors for shower curtains. This is because shower curtains give a sense of closing space, while glass doors push the space back out.


12. Don’t block the natural light
Natural lights can also make rooms feel much bigger than they are. Install bigger windows or a skylight to let more of the light in. This would make the room feel a little more spacious.
Bathrooms are an important part of the house, because it gives us the comfort we need. In this room, we fix ourselves, de-stress, and forget about our worries. So, whether you have a spacious bathroom, or one with a smaller square footage, it is important to make it feel comfortable. Decorate it to suit your personal style, and you can never go wrong.

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Dustin Harrison, Aquant IndiaDustin Harrison is an expert in the field of Home decor and Interior design, working for Aquant India. Aquant India is a leader in sanitary ware suppliers providing excellent shower panels, stylish wash basins like onyx basins, mosaic basins and so forth, as well as other sanitary ware items. To learn more about Interior design, visit their website and blog. Facebook | YouTube | Instagram


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