6 Ways to Repurpose or Recycle Your Old Quilt

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You have a favorite old quilt that you simply don’t want to get rid of, but it’s too old or possibly too ragged to continue using on your bed.

What do you do? We say repurpose it...

If you are handy with a sewing machine or a knitting needle, these projects should be fairly simple to complete.

    166 products

    1. DIY Decorative Pillows

    Depending on the size of the pillows you want and the size of your quilt, you should be able to cut the quilt and create at least two or three pillows. Stick to square or rectangle shapes for ease, rather than circular or oval shapes.

    Close up three sides of the pillows and stuff it with whatever filling you like, such as foam, feathers, cotton, or a blend. Once it is stuffed to your liking, close them up and throw them on your sofa or bed to enjoy your cherished quilt in a whole new way.

    2. Make It Into Doll Clothing

    An easy way to keep your family quilt in the family is to pass it on to your daughter or niece in the form of shirts, skirts, booties, dresses, accessories and more for her favorite dolls or stuffed animals. A quick Google search will provide you with all kinds of templates to cut and sew clothing in the right size for all her favorite toys.

    3. Create Bags

    Carry your quilt with you everywhere you go. Turn it into a handy tote bag, a reusable grocery bag, or a travel bag.

    5. Make a Tree Skirt or Stockings

    Save your special quilt for use only during the holidays by cutting the fabric to make a Christmas tree skirt or holiday stockings.

    6. Give It To Your Pets

    If you don’t care to cut or sew your quilt, consider your pets. Furry family members love lying on soft items that smell like their people.

    For many, family quilts hold high sentimental value. Don’t throw away your old quilt if it starts to fray or becomes tattered. Use the ideas above to repurpose it into something you can continue to use and enjoy with your family.

    Explore ideas like transforming it into quilted coasters, tote bags, or a patchwork pillow cover to give your old quilt a new lease on life.

    Learn about options for recycling textiles in your area or consider donating to animal shelters, where quilts can provide comfort to pets.

    Yes, discover how to utilize sections of your old quilt to create unique items like table runners, wall hangings, or even framed quilt art.

    Get tips on cleaning, repairing, and cutting your old quilt to ensure it's in the best condition for its new purpose.

    Find out about charities and organizations that welcome quilt donations for those in need, including disaster relief efforts and homeless shelters.

    Learn about care techniques and storage advice to preserve the longevity and appearance of your newly repurposed quilt items.