Redecorating Your Dining Room on a Budget

May 17, 2017by Kimberly Foerst
Your dining room is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you eat family meals, host dinner parties and bring your family and friends together to play board games. As a high traffic area in your home, you want your dining room to look its best.
These five tips will help you redecorate your dining room no matter what’s in your budget.

Traditional Dining Room

1. Re-finish your table and chairs. Since your table is the centerpiece of the room, it needs to look great. If your set is all wood, you will save a lot of money by sanding it down and either painting or staining it rather than purchasing a whole new set. You can also reupholster the chairs.
2. Add lighting. A standing lamp in the corner of the dining room won’t do the trick. If you can’t afford a fancy chandelier, there are plenty of how-to guides online for making your own. You can also opt for less expensive hanging lights or shop your local thrift store for a vintage chandelier.

Clara Window Panels in a country style dining room, photo by Britt Benson

3. Dress up your windows. Replacing your old window treatments or adding new ones to bare windows is always a great option to redecorate your room at minimal expense. Elegant window curtains will instantly elevate your home décor.

Flowers on a Dining Room Table

4. Add floral touches and wall decorations. If you look at pictures of dining rooms in magazines or on interior design websites, you will notice that nearly all of them are decorated with live plants or flowers. Adding plant life to your dining room will make it feel brighter and fresher, but it won’t break your bank.
5. Incorporate wall décor. Wall art is available at lots of different prices so you are bound to find artwork that you love, that works with your room colors and that is within your budget. You can also DIY your wall décor to save even more money.
While your dining room may not be at the top of your list for redecorating, when you see how easy it is to make this room beautiful without spending a lot of time or money, you may reconsider.

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