How To Get Your Home Ready For Thanksgiving

Nov 2, 2022by Dana Dantoni

Thanksgiving is a day where you get to enjoy the company of your family/friends, watch football, and eat some amazing food. While it is a fun day, it could become stressful with all the preparations that come along with the holidays. On top of cooking and making sure the meal is perfect, you’ll want to make sure that your home is warm, cozy, comfy, and inviting for your guests. Here are some tips for home to get your home ready this Thanksgiving.

1. Cozy Decor 

Hygge Ultra Soft Chenille Chunky Knit Throw

Your family is going to need a comfortable environment to sit and mingle with everyone. A great idea to make your home even more cozy is to add a bunch of cozy throw blankets and decorative pillows. Take a look at our Hygge Ultra Soft Chenille Chunky Knit Throw and our holiday pillows bundles! A nice throw blanket and some pillows makes it the perfect scene for a nap after dinner! Everyone will be well rested and ready for dessert! You could also add small touches such as pumpkin spice candles. Now you can catch up with family and enjoy each other's company with this cozy decor!

2. Set The Perfect Table Scape

Boho Table

For the most important part of the holiday... eating all the delicious food at your dining room table! With an amazingly designed table scape, it will set the festive scene. This is your chance to be creative and show your decorating skills. Use greenery, beautiful placemats, napkins, dinner wear, and candles. Choose colors that are warm and tasteful to create the perfect look. Check out our Boho Macrame, Farmhouse Ticking Stripe, and Gingham Check Kitchen decor!

3. Decor Details

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Having the tiny details makes the holidays fun! Get festive with pumpkins! Grab a load of different sized pumpkins to set outside your home on the porch! The cute tiny pumpkins can also be a great touch to add to your table! The small touches of holiday decor make the day feel more special. Another fun detail to add to your home for Thanksgiving is colorful faux leaves. Wrap them around your railings or bunch them together in a bouquet for beautiful center

4. Prepare Your Guest Bedroom 

Bedding Bundle

Having any family or friends spending the night over? Make sure your guest bedroom is fresh and clean. Get a pair of fresh new sheets or a new warm comforter! You could also add touches of autumn decor in the bedroom to make your guests feel right at home!

With these few small tips, your home will be ready for Thanksgiving in no time! After all the preparation and cooking, be sure to sit back and relax!

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