Guest Blog: 6 Tips to Modernize Your Home's Lighting

Aug 14, 2019by Jenny Zhu
Coming home after a strenuous day, we want our home to be a restful place. We want the couches to be plush, the beds to be inviting. But, if the lighting of the house is harsh, it spoils the whole mood. It may even remind you of the workplace.

Modern lighting in interior design

Thus, the illumination of your home is a significant aspect of interior design. Nowadays, there are many modern lighting options to brighten up your homes. Let us explore them in these six tips to modernize your home's lighting.
1.  Experiment with Smart Lights

experiment with smart lights

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are two concepts entering every field. They have materialized in homes in the form of home assistants and digital voice assistants like Siri, Amazon Echo, and Google Home devices. With the advent of these new technologies, you can now pair your smart device with a new class of lighting fixtures called smart bulbs. These bulbs have various settings such as light color and intensity variation which you can control with simple voice commands! Take your home one step closer to being a smart home with smart lights! Philips Hue and Sylvania Lightify are the major players in this area.
2.  Install Crystal Chandeliers to Spruce Things Up

Install Crystal Chandeliers to Spruce Things Up

A crystal chandelier is a timeless and classic addition to any living room! It goes very well with modern decor, too. Just add it to the ceiling and watch the dynamics of light bouncing and refracting off the crystal facets and sending glimmering specks of light all over the living room. The older designs look grandiose and give your house an expensive look. The new, abstract, and asymmetric designs make the living room look modern. You can never go wrong with a crystal chandelier! It is a staple in contemporary interior design.
3.  Try a Ceiling Accent and Built-in Accents

Try a Ceiling Accent and Built-in Accents

If you are looking for something more subtle, ceiling accents can be a great way to make your living room look modern. Light strips run along the insides of a ceiling molding and accent the ceiling with indirect lights. They can be of any color. If you install ceiling accent lights that are smart, you can control the color and the intensity of the lights depending on your mood. Another great way to control the power of accent lights is to install a dimmer switch. You can also use built-in accent lights to highlight bookshelves, staircases, and other striking features in your house.
4.  Play with Multiple Fixtures Spread Over the Room

Play with Multiple Fixtures Spread Over the Room

Instead of installing just a central light fixture and an incandescent tube or bulb, you can make your living room look more modern by using a variety of light fixtures throughout the room. Use a combination of ceiling accent lights and built-in accent lights. Buy unique designer lamps! There is a large variety of lamps on the market that will leave you spoiled for choice. Use different colors of lights that complement each other. For example, alternating white and warm white lights can have a stunning effect. Light fixtures scattered around the room give it a sophisticated, modern look.
5.  Install Mood Lighting Throughout Your House

Install Mood Lighting Throughout Your House

Gone are the days when people lit candles on tables if they were in a romantic mood. Now, mood lighting is the new fad! Mood lights are lights designed to suit your mood. Say, if you are having a romantic dinner at home, you might want the house to light up in hues of light pink. If you are having a happy meeting, you might want yellow lights. Similarly, at a house party, would it not be great if the lights changed with every beat of the song? You can bring the nightclub home! Recent studies have shown that lights can affect your sleeping patterns. A lot of people are using mood lights for perfect sleep. Mood lights are popular and are a must-have for all contemporary modern homes.
6.  Install Automatic Lights Throughout Your House

Install Automatic Lights Throughout Your House

Global warming and resource exhaustion are the talks of the day in today's world. As we are moving forward, sustainable development and saving of electricity have become necessary. Hence, automatic lighting is a common feature in present modern homes. You no longer have to worry about leaving the lights on when you leave the room. Imagine walking in the room and the lights switching on their own as if they were welcoming you home. Automatic light fixtures do just this. Not only does this make your home smart, but it also saves a lot of electricity. Some automatic light fixtures available in the market come with light sensors and can detect the ambient light in the room. They set their light intensity according to the light already in the room. For example, if in the evening the room receives enough natural light, the light fixtures will emit less light and use less energy.
Lights are one of the main aspects of interior design. If used correctly, lights can make your home not only visually appealing but also a space of comfort and relaxation. These were six tips to modernize your home's lighting. You can implement these ideas and make your home's lights smart, easy to manage, modern-looking and energy-efficient.

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