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Popular 2023 Home Decor Trends We're Loving Right Now

Jun 21, 2023by Guest Blogger

A new season means everyone gets a fresh start. You have the perfect opportunity to transform your home into a living space that takes advantage of the most popular home decor trends, but where should you start? Learn about these decor ideas we love right now to daydream about potential interior design upgrades for your house.

plant decor

1. Nature-Inspired Art

There are many reasons why people love incorporating nature-inspired art into their spaces this year. It could match your passion for sustainability, which becomes more popular every year with homeowners and renters alike. Nature motifs also bring fresh air and relaxing spaces to mind.

2. Pops of Color

cottage style bedroom

New decor presents new opportunities for brilliant pops of color. Make your rugs a vibrant shade of red to create focal points in every room. Accentuate your upholstery by choosing a bold shade from your couch for your new curtains.

Your home will become a more authentic representation of your personality no matter which shade you pick. The colors could restore the energy your house may be missing as your family makes memories throughout 2023. You can also choose the best color for this design idea by considering which shades you want in the background of birthday parties and holiday photos.

3. Removable Wallpaper

floral wallpaper

Anyone can add removable wallpaper to their home as easily swappable decor. Use folksy florals or midcentury stripes to splash more personality across your walls. You can remove it whenever you want a design change without needing a big budget. Think about applying it in your office or as a statement wall in your living room for a quick upgrade that won’t disappoint.

4. Indoor Gardens

plant decor

Bring new life into your house by creating an indoor garden that doubles as decor. Small plants in pots that match each room will layer your house’s design with texture and life, creating a welcoming, homey environment. Adding tall and short plants throughout your living space can also play with visuals.

5. Velvet Furniture

velvet furniture

If you want to merge beauty and comfort this year, look for velvet furniture as your new home decor. The rich hues and soft texture invite everyone to feel comfortable and luxurious. It can also be the latest pop of color in your house by drawing everyone’s eye to your soft pink couch or forest green barstools in your kitchen. The decor is getting a modern twist because everyone is experiencing a retro revival.

6. Monochrome Kitchens

white monochromatic kitchen

Monochrome decor and design upgrades are one of this year’s latest home decor trends. They merge an entire room into one design that’s easy on the eye. Your space will look professionally decorated without needing more time to save for a costly budget.

The key to creating a monochrome room is utilizing shades of the same color, like painting your cabinets white while painting your walls ivory. Start small with your upgrades to add new monochromatic decor as your schedule and budget allows. Your house will quickly get a refreshed look that matches the most popular 2023 decor trends.

7. Mid-Century Modern Lamps

mid century modern decor

Table lamps are some of the best decor upgrades. You can find them anywhere and make them work with any budget, especially if you’re looking for mid-century lamps that people love right now.

Ceramic bases with textured patterns in neutral colors can match anyone’s existing interior design scheme. Geometric bases even have built-in charging ports to merge midcentury elements with modern home necessities. Find lampshades in styles that match your furniture to jump on this simple decor upgrade this week.

8. Upcycled Picture Frames

picture frame wall

When was the last time you had mismatched picture frames in your house? They used to look too casual for modern styles, but they’re back as one of the biggest 2023 home decor trends.

Schedule a trip to your local thrift stores this weekend to find frames in the correct sizes for your pictures or paintings. Creating a gallery wall that doesn’t match adds an exciting mix of colors and designs that make a cohesive decorative wall. They’ll have a pre-loved look that lends history to your house to accentuate design schemes like farmhouse or vintage styles.

9. Brass Hardware

You might not think of cabinet and door handles as decor, but they’re essential to bringing your home’s design together. Switch them for brass alternatives available at any local hardware store.

People love brass hardware because it can be homey and contemporary at once. Use shiny new handles to layer a luxury feel to your kitchen or new doorknobs to sliding barn doors for warmth against a wooden backdrop. They work in every season and with any design style, so it’s a no-fail way to upgrade your house.

stone countertop

10. Textured Countertops

The days of smooth granite are gone — everyone’s turning toward textured countertops to get creative with their decor. Look for weathered granite in earthy, dark colors to add a rustic finish to your kitchen that evokes decades of family history. The granite still comes from natural quarries but gets treated with water jets to create a refreshing texture.

11. Dark Academia Bookshelves


Many people love dark academia as a decor trend and a lifestyle. You can incorporate the style in your wardrobe while weaving it throughout your home with dark bookshelves.

Find extended bookshelves and paint them in dark gray, black or rich red hues to bring vintage offices and mysterious libraries to mind. You’ll create cozy nooks in your house that encourage everyone to relax under heavy blankets with their favorite novels.

12. Marigold Accent Pillows

living room decor

Marigold is an underrated color making a big comeback this year. It’s a rich yellow hue that works in every season. The color evokes the hope of new life in spring and autumn leaves tumbling through your yard. Add it to every room in your home with accent pillows to jump on this simple, fun design trend.

Find Popular Home Decor Trends

Anyone can find inspiration from these popular 2023 home decor trends. They’re simple to incorporate in any living space and personalize to any design preferences. Think about what would work best in your house to recreate your living space and refresh it for your best year yet.

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