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7 Design Elements That Will Make Your Rental Feel Like Home to Your Renters

Apr 6, 2022by Guest Blogger

Designing and decorating a rental is quite different from decorating your own home. When decorating your home, you choose design ideas that express your style and personality. For a rental property, owners try to pick designs and decor pieces that amuse a variety of renters. It is not feasible to hand-pick designs that suit the renters' tastes and preferences. But with a few design tricks, you can turn your rental into a renters' magnet.

Painting a wall

Think Neutral

The colors you use on your rental property play a big role in attracting and preventing frequent renters' turnover. Give your rental a brighter and crisp appearance by sticking to neutrals. Light grays or beiges are good alternatives to whites. They tend to blend in with renters' personal belongings and decor pieces. You want your renters to feel relaxed and at home. Warm beige shades make your rental cozy and inviting. Your renters will feel at home in such a space. Choosing color palettes for a rental is quite complex. You don't have to handle the nitty-gritty of color palettes. Let MD Squared Property Group help you choose warm and inviting color palettes for your rental property.

Linen Button Kitchen Window Tiers Set


Dark and cramped spaces turn off renters. Your rental property will feel small if it lacks adequate lighting. The lighting layout, fixtures, and intensity of natural light can attract or turn off renters. Lighting controls how a space feels. A ton of natural light improves our physical and mental well-being. It also makes us feel calmer and more comfortable. Play around with natural and artificial lighting sources to set up a well-lit and airy space for your renters. Renters appreciate thoughtful lighting choices.

tile floor


When choosing flooring options, do it with the renters' comfort in mind. When renters look at the flooring on your property, all they think about is convenience and comfort. They prefer flooring options that are easy to clean, have an aesthetic appeal, and are comfortable on their feet. MD Squared Property Group will guide you on the best flooring options for your rental. We will help you select thoughtful flooring options that not only make your tenants relaxed and feel at home but also boost your returns.

Good Furniture

You need basic furniture on your property. Don't compromise on the pieces you add to your property. Invest in quality furniture pieces that not only improve the visual appeal of your property but create a homey vibe. If you cannot afford top-quality furniture pieces, buy them in installments. After all, you will eventually own the furniture pieces.

Thoughtful Storage Solutions

Again, convenience comes into the picture. When picking out storage for your property, think about coordination and uniformity. Built-in storage units make a space feel spacious. Add a storage solution to every space in your rental. Use shelving, cabinets, sturdy hooks, organizers, tool racks, nooks, etc. in your rental property. Incorporate vertical spaces to create as many storage solutions as possible.

Home exterior

Garnished Exteriors

Exterior layout and tidiness create a lasting impression on your potential renters. Focusing on the exterior spaces is as important as paying attention to the interior spaces. Renters will judge the live-ability of a rental by looking at its exteriors. Keep landscaping simple and neat, optimize exterior lighting, and refresh the exterior paint. A clean and tidy exterior makes your rental more inviting.

Indoor plants

Perk Up Your Rental with a Green Space

Plants add life and character to your rental property. You don't have to spend much on the green space. Low-maintenance plants will make it easier to maintain a beautiful green space. Make your tenants even more comfortable and relaxed by adding a beautiful array of indoor plants inside the property. You can put the plants in shared spaces, behind plain walls, or in unused corner spaces. This power of attraction comes at a price and lots of plant maintenance. Better still, you can let MD Squared Property Group take the stress off your hands and make your tenants feel at home.


When designing and decorating a rental with a variety of renters in mind, focus on functionality and convenience. Think of how you can create a comfortable, warm, and inviting space for your renters. Keep these design ideas in mind and create a well-lit, comfortable, and spacious home for your renters.

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Guest Blogger Summer Wilde

Summer Wilde is a young interior designer with a specialization in space planning. She works with a local remodeling company in Sacramento. However, she isn’t just passionate about helping families live in their dream houses only by the means of her job. She also likes to guide others through this journey by sharing her tips and suggestions via guest posting on blogs from time to time.

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